How To Upgrade windows 7/8.1 to Windows 10 For Free

we are getting close to windows 10  official release date July 29th,but windows 10 insider preview has already been rolled out to enjoy windows 10 features before the windows 10 release date,you can upgrade windows 7 or 8.1 to windows 10 insider preview free of cost,which comes with 64bit and 32-bit versions available in US and UK ,English,Chinese,Brazilian […]

How To Use Whatsapp Without Using Your Mobile Number

we know whatsapp messenger works with sim number only ,but do you know there is a simple trick to use whatsapp without using your phone number? well whatsapp without number and SIM CARD ,works for every mobile and you can start chatting with  your friends,There are hundreds of whatsapp messenger or application Tricks available online […]

How To Track/Find Lost Android Mobile

Android Smartphones ruling our  daily world with New and trendy apps,we use every app which is trendy and most useful for our daily works,obviously android applications are making our life simpler but what about the security for our Android operating system,what if someone stolen our costliest best smartphone,Tracking with IMEI doesn’t help much,before this situation […]

50K Professional Web Designers Creating Their Websites with Webydo, Here’s Why

Do you know that up to 70% of the budget spent on the average web design project goes to manual coding? The problem of the entire industry is that the old process of converting design elements into a valid code hasn’t changed much in recent years: to see their works live, designers have to hire coders thus making the entire process longer and more expensive. Millions fall victim to this [Continue reading]

Order Your Food Online In India With FoodPanda Services

Many of us Use various online services like online shopping,paying our bills,recharging and Many more online services but now you could also order your food online with FoodPanda which is effective yet affordable food delivery services in services was started in March 2013 [Continue reading]

Download Any Website to Your PC To Access It In Offline Mode With HTTrack

Today we have something great for those user’s/readers which usually live in small towns or villages and don’t have much access to internet.Well many a time we need some/huge information from any particular website and We frequently visit that website for our information.Taking an example of a learning guitarist,Suppose you need chords of many songs to learn and have to visit any [Continue reading]

Get Full Bandwidth/Speed Of Publicly Shared Internet/WiFi Connection Portal With Netcut

Today we have Some thing extra-ordinary for our readers/users which will blow your mind at Once.We have got a tool,Which could get You the Full Bandwidth/Speed of any Publicly Shared Internet/WiFi Connection within a network.Confuse,Lets take a small example,You live in a hostel which have 24mbps broadband network connection which is divided in 24 Users,So each student will get 1 mbps speed on [Continue reading]

How To Make TCP Configurations with PD-Proxy VPN Software:Part 2

Few Months back,We have posted a tutorial to find Open UDP ports in various telecom networks with the help of PD-Proxy a VPN tunneling software to enjoy High-speed internet at Free of Cost.That Post was appreciated by our readers all around the world & Many of them get benefited from it.In that post we have told you how you [Continue reading] way to Download Torrents from IDM at your full ISP speed Unlimitedly

Few months back,We have posted boxopus method to download torrents from IDM unlimitedly but there was a restriction that you could download torrents limited to size 2GB only but at your full ISP speed.Unlike &,this time we have got a new torrent [Continue reading]