How To Get .COM Domain at 99rs Per Year-Go Daddy 2015

Are you in process of purchasing a new custom domain for your business or anything,then we got a working go daddy coupon code/promo code to get custom domain  from go daddy  ,which can be utilized to get .com domain at very low price of 99rupess per year,thats lot of savings for new bloggers,Normally .com domains will be around 630rupees per year,but we will provide you an easy  way to get cheap .com domain at 99rupees per year. Continue reading How To Get .COM Domain at 99rs Per Year-Go Daddy 2015

Best Way To Earn Money/Free Recharge-[Android Apps]

Do apps make money or Recharge? of course yes here comes the best way to earn money or Free recharge with Android applications,There are hundreds of android apps scattered over web offering free recharge  by installing their apps,we should be cautious in installing android apps from unknown sources as we may get trapped and loose our privacy and personal data,well finding trusted Android apps  which gives you free recharge by completing their offers,installing apps ,watching ads,even your lock screen can help you in earning some Recharge bucks is little tough  but in this post we will provide you an easy way to earn free recharge with Money making android apps. Continue reading Best Way To Earn Money/Free Recharge-[Android Apps]

Complete FileIce Review with 100% Working Approving & Earning Guide

If you are visitor of our site than you know that we use Fileice Surveys to protect our tricks from copying/blocking and also to generate some revenue for us.Today we are going to help you in getting approved with fileice easily and teach you how could earn some penny for your pocket by just uploading your files on Fileice surveys and distributing it on various social platform which will going to increase your earnings ultimately.Well we are posting this Guide on the huge request of our visitors and Friends as they also want to earn like Us.


FileIce PPD Service Review

Well before starting anything, You should Know What is Fileice PPD service FileIce is the best PPD service in the world with an average of 1$ per download you can earn a lot and if you are from US,UK or any other western country than its become very easy to earn 10$-20$ per day depending on the number of surveys completed by your users.But for indian Traffic blog,It’s little difficult to earn so much but with proper planing & guidance of our’s will definitely going to earn you more than 10$ per day. In Short,If You have anything Appealing may be any network tricks,games cracks,auto-likers,bypasser,premium accounts etc than Just put it on Fileice survey,Post that survey link on various social groups,blogs etc & when any one completes that survey he will get that file and You will get paid accordingly by fileice.

How To Get Approve with FileIce Easily

Here is all about,Earning with FileIce is like playing your favourite game on easy mode but when its Comes to get Approved by Fileice than it’s become Nightmare for many but Don’t worry We will Help You To Get approved with Fileice. First of All we will Frankly Suggest You to Apply with Our Premium Registration Link

[button link=”″ target=”_blank” color=”green” shape=”rounded” size=”large” align=”centre”]Apply For FileIce Earning Publisher Account From Here[/button]

Note: By applying Through our referral link it will become more easy to get approved with FileIce as we are premium member and we are referring you To them.

 Well There are Two Ways to Apply For FileIce Earning Publisher Account

  1. You are Applying with Your Website or Blog.
  2. You want To apply without any Blog or Website

So Just apply accordingly,Submit basic information,Verify Your Email Address and Here’s Approving Guide Start Well If you have any website or Blog than Just verify it by using Fileice Site Verification Method,These are generally by uploading any file on your blog or by pasting their verification code on your header(wp-head) part of your website. Here one thing is important,That you should go with Website/blog Option because Fileice prefer’s to make members which own’s any blog or website but if You don’t own any blog than Just goto,Sign in with Your google account and make any blog related to technology,android,Tricks etc.Choose beautiful & attractive templates,make good Menus related to tricks,Android,tutorial etc & Now you have a blog through which you can apply for Fileice Publisher account. Important thing When you start writing why you want to Join Fileice or about Yourself than Do Mention These Points in Our own Language and Try to Be genuine with Them.

  • Just mention that you want to Join Fileice because they are best PPD service in world.
  • You earn 100$ to 125$ per month try to show them that you have potential to represent them.
  • You have Good social following on Facebook,Twitter etc,You own 2-3 Facebook Pages with Lots of active users and Likes.
  • You have huge list of active subscriber to You blog etc and etc.

This section depends on You,who you can convince Fileice mods to approve you application,Try to be genuine,Trustworthy with our words and Yes the way you representing them matter a Lot and We are sure that if you  follow all These Points very carefully you will get approved but If you don’t get approve again try with new email id,Following these points and try add something different from you side in your post. I Was approved by FileIce in 2nd time by applying with my Friend’s referral Link,So try your Luck and always back yourself even in hard time. Note: In case,If You are applying without any website/blog option Do mention these points broadly and try to write more than 150-200 words.

How To Earn 10$-20$ per day with FileIce

Well Earning with FileIce is very simple but you have to set one thing in your mind that You will Earn only if someone complete survey’s of your given Link. So if You have anything Appealing with You than Just put It on fileice survey’s,get the link and Distribute it on a large-scale,I mean get Social.Post that Links on Various Facebook Page’s,On your Facebook timeline and more over Make a blog and Start Posting There. But Still You can’t earn Much because You need lots of people’s to Complete Your surveys and Now Here’s come YouTube,the biggest Video sharing Platform,So make a Professional video of your every file’s,Suppose you have a crack of any game and many people want it ,SO make a Video of that game,what is your crack all about and upload it on YouTube,Daily motion and video sharing Platform,Same Goes with Network Tricks Also. Now all Set,Just sit back at your home and wait Soon you will be one of the top Earning Member of FileIce.

FileIce Payouts Details

FileIce Pays You every month when You Cross 50$ payout threshold via Paypal or Direct bank deposits. If you don’t know how to get your Indian Paypal account verified than Just Visit Here. We Hope That You all will appreciate our effort to make everyone earn with FileIce and also there is no shortcut to success so better sitting at home its better to earn online with fileice.Stay tuned with us for more Online earning method & Don’t Forget to like us On our Official Facebook Page for regular updates.

Earn Online By Just Sharing Your World With Others At[Paypal Proof Added]

Today I am going to share one of my best online earning method without investing anything anywhere at all.Well you could earn by just sharing about you,your world,things you like or hate,your experience or any thing in which you could write a matter with some interesting words and of course, having some moral in it.Confused,Well I am talking about,which shares their ad revenue with their users for their work submitted to their website.You will be get paid by them for every view, comment, like/dislike and social media share that your posts gather,So this method is like Make Money with No Money.

What is

The Bubblews community is a patent pending system that enables their users to enjoy their community free of cost and share in the ad revenue growth.They will pay you for submitting post to their website but your post should be interesting and have some moral lesson in it.Well you will get paid for every like/dislike,number of views and social sharing and much more.

In blogger sense,Bubblews is a free website which share their ad revenue with their workers(You) and We say it Best Money Making Ideas.For More Information you could visit Here.

How To earn online with

It’s Very Simple,Just apply for bubblews account From Here.

Now you have a bubbles account,So customize it according to your need,Start posting matters what you want to post,They will be in the form of bubblews and its depend on number of likes/dislikes,views and social share that your post will bubblew at top or sink to bottom.

What are the rules and how can my account be removed/suspended at

  • Submitting more than 10 posts per 24 hours.
  • Submitting copy & pasted (Plagiarized) material.
  • Utilizing Traffic Exchange and Traffic Purchasing Websites for your posts.
  • Utilizing IP manipulation software.
  • Posting less than 400 letter article.

Payment Gateway and Paypal proof

Read More:How to setup a verified Paypal account In India In Just 3-4 days.

Well Bubblews support paypal and direct check option,You could get your earning any time from bubblews but only when your bubblews account earning is above 25$.

bubblews paypent proof

Authors word,Well this is one of my favourite online earning website as i don’t need to invest on it ,also suit’s my passion of typing & above of all I always use to learn new things from bubblews.

We hope that you will try this method of earning online and share your views with us.If you have any doubt with it,You could contact us anytime via comments.Stay tunned with us as we will updating our website with more&more new&inovative ways of earning online and Don’t forget to like us on our official Facebook page for daily updates.

Earn Over $200 Us Dollars A Month by Just Typing Captcha With

Now,Every one want to earn some extra income from online sources for their daily need but they don’t want to invest on any project or to develop a website for earning online.So today we have come up with a very legit & secure way to earn online without investing a single penny and you could earn over 200$ per month by Just Typing CAPTCHA.Yes you have heard it right, is the website which allow Us to Earn Online Income without any investment,by Just typing Captcha and more over they also support affiliate programs by which you could earn by referring friends to this website.So Just get ready to earn some real bucks For your need.

Make Money online with

What is

Basically is a workforce management company that provides data entry services to private and governmental institutions and for this task,They need lots of good typer’s from all around the world who could type around 10 words in a minute.

So,If you are looking for an extra work for your daily income increment than do work with this website as it a real company which pays you money on time and they support many payment gateway like paypal,direct deposit and Western Union etc.

Read More: Get Verified Paypal account in India in Just 4-5 days.

Are You Looking For an Online Job ? is fantastic for:

  • Mothers that stay at home.
  • Parents that need a second job.
  • Students.
  • People in between jobs.

Skills Required:One permanent Internet Connection,English Typing Skills,little Patience and Spirit to not give up.

How to Get Start With

First Get Register with MegaTypers from Here.

While Filling In details,We Recommend you to sign up with your paypal email id.

But Wait,You couldn’t get your account without Having Invitation codes,Just pick any of them from below

  1. 7L1J
  2. 7L1K
  3. 7L1L
  4. 7L1M
  5. 7L1N
  6. 7L1O

Now after Sign Up process,You could start working according your need and do read there User’s guide carefully.Well Payment instruction are given below.

Megatypers Affiliate Programs For Greeks

Well If you don’t want to work on computer but know many people how are seeking for good online Jobs than You are on the right track,As you know that without invite codes no one can make account on Megatypers,You could provide them your own Invite codes and could earn 10% commission of the people that you invite to work in MegaTypers.

For better Information,We suggest you to read Megatypers Affiliate Program Guide.

Payment Gateway details

Well they support many payment gateway and according to your need you could choose one,In this Post we will be discussing on Paypal payment gateway support as it is very easy to receive payment form it and very secure too.

According to Megatypers Official Website,

  • Your Estimated Balance is updated daily at 1:00am server time.
  • The payments are processed once a week, on Mondays at 5:00pm server time.
  • In order to get paid, your Estimated Balance needs to reach a minimum amount of $3.00 USD before Monday.
  • If your Estimated Balance did not meet the previous conditions, the amount you have gained will stay on your account until the minimum balance is reached and the payment will be made next Monday.
  • Once your payment process has started, a message with information regarding the process will be displayed .After your payment is completed, your Estimated Balance will reset to zero ($0.00 USD).

Author’s word,I have Used this website In my hard time and I really praise this website for supporting me In my harsh days.

We hope that as our author got benefited from this site,one of you will be get benefited and Work hard to get your all dreams fulfil but beaware of third-party software’s from which google is now Flooded.In future,We will keep updating our site with new and inovative ways to earn online,We request to like our official Facebook page for latest updated and tips from us.