Download Any Website to Your PC To Access It In Offline Mode With HTTrack

Today we have something great for those user’s/readers which usually live in small towns or villages and don’t have much access to internet.Well many a time we need some/huge information from any particular website and We frequently visit that website for our information.Taking an example of a learning guitarist,Suppose you need chords of many songs to learn and have to visit any site again&again to view it and most of time you don’t have proper internet connection.So now what to do,Now here is the solution just download that whole website to your computer with HTTrack software and View Websites Offline without any internet connection.

httrack 7

We are very thankful to Pishang for letting us know about this very useful and handy software.He had use this software for a while to download many useful website to his computer & He just seek all information from it without having connected to internet connection.

How to Use HTTrack:A Tool to Download any Website to Your PC to make it available offline

HTTrack is free software which is design for easy to use offline browser utility.It basically allows us to download any website to your computer and then you could visit it in your browser without any internet connection just you visit it in online mode.

HTTrack arranges the original site’s relative link-structure. Simply open a page of the “mirrored” website in your browser, and you can browse the site from link to link, as if you were viewing it online.

How To Setup HTTrack:A Tool to Download any Website to Your PC to make it available offline

First Download this software from Here.

Now Install this software on your Pc/laptop and Run as administrator.

Now click Next as shown in screenshot

httrack 1

Now setup a Project Name as shown in screenshot

httrack 2

Now Insert any website you want to download on your disk

httrack 3Now click Finish and software will start downloading Your website

httrack 4

Now once your website is downloaded,You could check it here C:/ in “My website” Folder

We hope that this tutorial helps you in lessen your internet bills and make you learn new things easily.We have tested this software up to Windows 7 but not sure about Windows 8.Do give it a try and share your kind views with us.For more tricks/cool tutorial you could like us on our official Facebook page and stay updated with US.

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