New Bsnl Direct UDP Trick Confirm Working In Many States April 2014

bsnl direct udp trick feature

Friends we are back with one more Bsnl UDP trick which is confirm working in many states.So we proudly present you this UDP trick which can be used directly without any vpn in your pc.This trick is based on UDP protocols which allow all type of p2p connections at constant speed making torrent downloading,Video conferencing,Online gaming possible at free of cost apart from this, Unlimited downloading & surfing adds to it features.Here are some brief details and features of this trick... [Continue reading]

Reliance TCP 3G Free Internet Trick 100% Working In Many States,Confirmed Delhi

Reliacne tcp feature

Its Seem’s that last working BSNL BBM UDP Trick is now gone under the Earth once again,So we are again back with one more working Working TCP Trick which is rocking in many states like a charm on Reliance 3G Network.Well previously posted Reliance TCP trick got blocked very soon in Delhi,So most of our Delhi User’s can’t able to enjoy it but this time its working in Delhi like a charm and other states also.So here are the Features and Details of Reliance TCP 3G Free internet Trick... [Continue reading]

Airtel Direct DNS Tunnelling Trick Leaked Working In Many States,Confirmed Delhi

airtel dns feature

After a short break,We are back with our Holi gift to all by posting Airtel Direct DNS Tunnelling Trick which is working in Many States From many months like a charm.This trick is completly Direct so No VPN/Proxy setting is required.This trick will work without any speed capping or Sim Blocking Issues.Well This trick is working from many months but due to security reasons we are not posting it but as its Holi Time so we have decided to gift it to our all loyal Readers and Frieds.So here all Features and Details of this superb trick... [Continue reading]

Vodafone Mumbai Secret Direct Trick Confirmed Working Many states on PC/Android

Vodafone Direct Feature

All many Bsnl UDP and Reliance TCP Trick which is still working fine in many states we are back with one more superb trick which on our favourite Vodafone Network.Well again Vodafone is tweaked by us for free internet & this time we are back with Vodafone Mumbai Secret Direct Trick which is comfired workign all over india with mumbai vodafone sim.Well this trick does not require any vpn or software so you will not facing any speed capping or disconnection Issues.So here are the details & Features of this Awesome Vodafone Trick... [Continue reading]

50K Professional Web Designers Creating Their Websites with Webydo, Here’s Why

webydo feature

Do you know that up to 70% of the budget spent on the average web design project goes to manual coding? The problem of the entire industry is that the old process of converting design elements into a valid code hasn’t changed much in recent years: to see their works live, designers have to hire coders thus making the entire process longer and more expensive. Millions fall victim to this situation (according to the research, about 38 million professionals), but just a few know that there’s a way out, namely Webydo. This professional web design suite is completely code-free. This means the entire process will be curated by you – you’ll be the boss, and there will be no need to outsource tasks (unless you so choose)... [Continue reading]

Bsnl Direct UDP Free Internet 100% Working On Android/PC Without Disconnection

feature bsnl android direct

Last Posted Bsnl UDP Trick is working fine in many states like a charm but major problem with that trick is disconnection problem & Some Time bsnl may capped your speed thus we are back With New BSNL Direct UDP Free Internet Trick which is working on Android Phone as well as on PC also.This trick is Direct thus you don’t Require any vpn to use this trick.This trick is based on UDP Ports and Direct apn than there will be no disconnection and speed capping Issues.So here are the feature and Details of this awesome BSNL Trick... [Continue reading]

Bsnl UDP Cum TCP Trick 100% Working In Many States,Comfirmed in TN & UP W


Today we are going to share one more amazing trick with our readers which is based Pure Bsnl UDP ports & in some states on TCP ports. This Trick is working from many months but never revealed on Internet.Well this trick is based on pure UDP ports so you will not face any kind of speed capping issues with this awesome Trick.Well Reliance TCP Trick is still working in many states but there is speed capping issues which is forcing our readers to move on paid net but don’t Worry by this will work without any issues and you could download & surf unlimited... [Continue reading]

Turn Your Android Phone Into Wireless Mouse With WiFi Mouse

android into mous feature

Today we have got some interesting thing for our Readers as the topic says Yes you can Turn your Android Phone into Wireless Mouse or even into Wireless keyboard with the help WiFi Mouse appliacation free of cost.So now no need to buy wireless mouse as you can You turn your Android Phone/Tablet as a Wireless Mouse with WiFi Mouse.This appliaction also Support some cool features like peech-to-text as well as multi-finger trackpad gestures.So here are some for features and Detailed Instructions to Turn Your Android Device Into Wireless Mouse... [Continue reading]

Aircel Direct Pack Trick Working In Many States,Confirmed In UP East

aircel direct feature

Finally We got a trick for Our Up east Users on Aircel 3G which is based on Some 3G Packs.Well this trick is working In UP East & we are pretty sure that this trick will also work in Other states of India.Well bandwidth of This simple trick is limited to some extend but still you will get enough data to Download & Surf many movies,games and torrents at Full 3G speed.Aircel provides 3g services in more than 13 circle and We hope that you will get benefited From This trick & able to save your lot of money on monthly basis.So here are Details & Download Link for This Trick... [Continue reading]

All New Reliance TCP 3G VPN working many States,Confirmed at Delhi

reliacne tcp feature

We have posted Reliance TCP VPN few days back but according to readers it  was deducting balance for them in Delhi but this time we are back with one more Reliance TCP VPN which is 100% working in Delhi and many other states of Inida.We have done some extra settings & modifications in configs to make it work for you without any balance deductions Issues.Yes Unlike Airtel tcp vpn you could Download & surf Unlimitedly with Reliance TCP 3G VPN as they do not block your sim and Also provide high-speed 3G speed with these new config.So here are details & Downloading Links... [Continue reading]