Furk.net Review 2017 – Stream Any Media at a Go,Anytime & Anywhere

In this Review,We are going to Discover Furk.net – its just not being a regular torrent downloading website but more than that Furk allows us to Search Torrents,Download Torrent to its secure server & We can download them Instantly or Play it online Securely with the inbuilt Player at furk on the Go more over this Furk also create a database of torrents which can be used by other users so it’s a perfect combination of BitTorrent & RapidShare.

Suppose you want to download torrent , so you need need to go to torrent site which are getting block in many countries,so nowadays bit tedious job and finally you got torrent file/Magnet link which you are going to add in your frustrating Utorrent client,which will take couple of hours to download that file depending upon its peers & seeds connection.

Now at Furk you can search all your torrent through Download Proxy Feature which all you to look all other torrent website which have your torrent without evening visiting their and from their it download with super fast speed at it’s server for you or many times it already have the direct link of your torrent which you can download instantly via http portal or even https protocol directly via Internet Download Manager/Uc browser/ADM & If its a video/audio files you can stream it Online from PC, smartphone, HTPC or even a game console (XBOX, PS3).

For places where ISP blocks torrents & peer to peer traffic,For this Situation Furk provide different downloading links with different ports of direct http/https links which can’t be blocked/track by your ISP/College WiFi so your torrent downloading Experience become a Fun & sounds cool.

Some Interesting Features of Furk.net

  • Comments and ratings are aggregated from all sites.
  • All files are checked on our servers by an anti-virus.
  • Media info for video torrents: screenshots, audio samples and codecs info.
  • If a torrent has been downloaded via the proxy by other user it will be cached and available for instant download. Current cache size is over 1000TB.
  • Video and audio files are playable directly from our servers. You don’t need to download if you just plan to watch it once. Supported players: VLC, MPlayer, SMPlayer and probably other free players.
  • Video files are playable directly from Media Centers as well. Currently supported media centers: XMBC (by addon) and plugins for other will be released soon.
  • Friendly and fast support.

Plan & Pricing at Furk.net

Furk being Generous Supports Unlimited Time Trial account with B/W: 1 GB/day or 5 GB/week which can be make using Invite Codes which are being given at the end of this post but if you torrent lover than we suggest you to choose any of there Premium plan with Unrestricted Speed which ever suits you best.They accepts payment through Bitcoins,Credit/Debit Card & resellers.

Invite Codes

To make Account at furk You need a valid email ID, Any Random username which ever you want & is available & a password . So Here are Invites Code:


I have Been Personally using Furk.net for my torrent downloading Part Since 2012 and I am really Satisfied with their Amazingly Fast Speed.So Give it a try, You will definitely going love it.

Tips To Protect Yourself From Various Online Frauds

Ever Since Internet came into existence,most of the services have gone online featuring E-commerce(online shopping),online banking,E-ticketing,E-logistics & many more.With the Evolution of Payment System, Online Transferring of Money from Debit/Credit Cards,Internet Banking,Paypal have time-to-time lull hackers around the world to breach into security,break the Security codes of Various Payment gateway system & get unauthorized access to get the confidential information related to account’s passwords,Credit card Number’s,Pin and many more.In this Post,We are Going to cover Some of the measure’s which one can take to protect himself/herself from various Online Threats.

courtesy: optus.com.au/

Measures To Avoid Online Frauds

  • VPN(Virtual Private Network) For Medium Scale Business

VPN creates a secure tunnel between user & server means none of other third-party can even view the connection logs thus your internet browsing and surfing details remain confidential & private.VPN also help you to bypass government censorship & restrictions thus VPN’s are very handy if You run a business or do frequent transaction.We have already done reviews of many VPN Service in past like Astrill , Kepard  which you can go through and Choose the one which satisfy all your needs.

  • Get a Good Updated Anti-Virus On Your PC/Tablets

Virus,keylogger,Malware,phishing attack from internet,External Storage Devices Specially Pen Drives,Infected/miscellaneous  Emails secretly Install programs in your PC/Tablets/Smart Phones which Run in background of your devices & keep collecting data you enter in your device and email them to the hackers when you get connected online every time  which simply means you are under surveillance by other third-party Groups thus to protect your details one should use good Anti-virus like Kaspersky Lab,Norton,Avast and Keep them updated as these program detects miscellaneous program being installed on your devices which surely protect you from various online frauds.

  • Never Ever Share your Confidential details related to your Credits Card,Internet Banking etc On calls from bank as these are Fake Calls as Any of the bank employe can never ask you these details according to the Policy of banks.
  • Always Do Online Shopping on VBV Approved Websites as VBV is protected by 256 bit Encryption technology which can’t breached easily.So yours cards details & passwords remain safe and confidential.
  • Always Use Virtual Keyboard Available on various payment gateways or Windows also have same Features in-built in it as suppose your device have keyloggers or any other miscellaneous program it may seek your login details and passwords.Virtual keyboard are safe & can’t be hacked.
  • Keep Changing Your passwords & login details time-to-time.This step may sound very small but many a times this step ensure your cyber protection on regular basis.
  • Always Use Firewalls or VPN while Doing Transactions using public WiFi ,Hotspot And LAN as these network are not protected and can be breech very easily.
  • If you Lost your Credit/Debit Card any where than without waste a Single Minute block your card using Toll Free Number of Your bank as many Online Sites accept Online Payments without your card password/pin means just via your physical card details.

So these are Few Measure & tips for all of you ensuring your protection against various Online Frauds.We hope that our post will be helpful to you & if you have any queries or have any suggestions regarding Online Hacking & Frauds activities you are free Contact us ,we will be Happy to Help You all with a Smile.

Bitport.io Review 2016 – Download Torrents To Cloud And Play Them Online

What if,You don’t have to download a movie on your computer from a torrent site,Just add the torrent on the website & watch it online even with subtitles or you can download big games,movies,software torrents at high-speed directly using Internet Download Manager or FDM securely.Yes,These all things can be done at a single place using Bitport.io a website which is totally dedicated To change Your Downloading Experience a way ahead from the present scenario.Apart From many cloud based service which just convert torrents into Direct downloadable links bitport.io give you the freedom to watch it online or even store it on cloud for future uses.

Bitport.io Review tricksforall.com

Bitport.io have made their service’s easy to use without compromising the need of their user’s,security & overall functionality.Performance is more than expected as they have very fast server which are able to leach the torrents at the blink of yours eyes(depend on seeds & peers of the torrents added) & Being very Generous Bitport.io provide 1GB trial offer for free.

Features of Bitport.io : A Simple way to Download torrents to Cloud

  • Simply Stream Torrents Online : You can stream movies at the tips of you hand,Just add the torrent file/Magnet link in Site and it will make it ready to stream online instantly even with subtitles.
  • Download Torrents to your Cloud : Frustrated with the slow speed of torrent client which sometime start annoying you,Just give a chance to bitport it will download the torrent for you & store it in cloud even when you are offline and can be access from anywhere/anytime.
  • Safety at Bitport : What if Your torrent File Contains Virus or corrupt files,Well you don’t need to have worry about it.At Bitport your files are being check by the well-known antivirus, NOD32 and moreover premium accounts are SSL certificate protected.

How To Download Torrents Using Bitport.io In 3 Simple Steps

  • Register Your Account at Bitport from Here.(You can choose Trial Plan For the First Time)
  • Now Just Add the Magnet Link/Torrent File You want To Download.

bitportio torrent review tricksforallcom

  • Once Added,You can View Your File On My Files Page which can be downloaded from their directly or You can stream the Video Online Instantly.

bitportio my files tricksforallcom review

Plan,Pricing & Support at Bitport.io

Good Things come at Good Prices,Well at bitport You can Choose a Plan Which Suits You best & which satisfy your daily need.Plans are overall good & affordable and support many Online Payment Gateways including Paypal & bitcoins.

bitport.io Pricing tricksforall.com

They are dedicated to the needs of their Client & Support Instant Email Service 24x7x360 round the clock.

Trick to Get Password Of Secure WiFi Connection Using Android Phones With WPS Connect

Today We are going to share details of one amazing Android App which enables us to Get password of secure WiFi connection of nearby neighbors,society,shopping malls,college etc using WPS Connect Android App & best part of this app is you don’t need to be a tech geek to use this app even a girl can use this app easily.Many a times we are in need of internet and we are left with no mobile data so in these situation this app can be very handy to use.This app works on WPS capable routers configuration which allow WPS gateway or In short it can detect password of many secure WiFi Connection which are based on WPS configuration.

What is WPS Connect: App to Get Password of Secure WiFi Connection

Basically WPS Connect App,is a network tool which gives you three pin to try of a WPS protocol secure WiFi network which are available around you,These pin are based on default WiFi router configuration which are used to allow incoming connection,So if the pin matches than you will get automatically connected to that secure network or you can also view the password in this app log.

Must Read: Get Full Speed of publicly shared WiFi/Internet connection including Cyber Cafe.

Note: You Require Rooted Phone to use this app and it work on android 4.0.0 above version only.

How to Use WPS Connect: App to Get Password of Secure WiFi Connection

Download WPS Connect App from google play Here.

Now Just Open the App & tap refresh button to scan near by WiFi connection.

Get Password Of Secure WiFi Connection

Now Tap on those WiFi connection which show WPA enabled option.Now try each Pin which you get,If you are lucky enough you will successfully connected to that secure WiFi connection & believe me this App works like a charm.

WPS Connect Android App

We hope that this App tutorial will be very beneficial for all of you who are always short of internet & students who may not be able to afford WiFi/Internet plan charges.I am using this app personally from long time & it help me a lot.So if you face any problem in using this app than comment here,We would be happy to help you out and if you like our work & wanted to be stay updated regularly than do like us at our official Tricksforall.com Facebook Page.

Aircel Free Internet Trick July 2016 Confirmed Working Many States

After a long time we are posting any aircel trick on our blog,reason being aircel in general, a very secure network & monitor his services a lot but we are able find a tweak in aircel which enable us to enjoy Free internet on his network at Zero balance,Personally I am too using same trick in UP East as airtel direct Free internet trick posted previously is bit costly to use.This trick is network dependent means if you have good signal strength than you are more likely to get good speed in compare to bad network signal.

Features of Aircel Free Internet Trick July 2016

  • Working at zero balance without any need of 3G Data.
  • Speed Depends on network strength of your area.
  • No need of any vpn for using this awesome trick.
  • Torrents can be downloaded using alldebird.com/zbigz.com/bytebx.com very easily.
  • All secure protocol https/ssl/ftp are supported.
  • Can be used on android phones as well as on Windows easily.

How to Configure Aircel Free Internet Trick July 2016

[button link=”http://fileice.net/download.php?file=43abn” target=”_blank” color=”green” shape=”rounded” size=”large” align=”centre”]Download Aircel Free Internet Trick July 2016 Complete Guide[/button]

This guide include all steps with apps/software’s details to use this awesome trick.We are not disclosing much details here to make this trick last longing.

Aircel Free Internet Trick July 2016 Proof

aircel free internet trick july 2015

We have tested this In UP east & kolkata personally,we are sure that it will work in other states too.If not work than you can arrange sim from working states & use this trick at roaming as this trick is working at zero balance with out any data balance so we urge everybody to try it.If you like our work & want us to share more working tricks than do share us & like us on our official Tricksforall.com Facebook Page.If you face any problem while using this trick than do comment here with your problem.

Bol Do Na Zara-Azhar Guitar Chords With Strumming Details

Here is the Guitar Chords for song Bol Do Na Zara From the Movie Azhar with strumming details made by Amaal Mallik sung by Armaan Malik & penned  by Rashmi Virag starring Emraan Hashmi & Nargis Fakhri with complete lyrics.This song can be simply played on this strumming pattern D-UU-D-UU-D.Bol Do Na Zara is a suberb song,have a romantic taste & have heart touching music.

bol Do Na Zara Azhar Guitar Chords
courtesy: youtube

Bol Do Na Zara-Azhar Guitar Chords

Itni mohabbat karo na
Main doob na jaaun kahin
Waapas kinaare pe aana
Main bhool na jaaun kahin
Dekha jabse chehra tera
Main toh hafton se soya nahin

Bol do na zara Dil mein jo hai chhipa
Main kisi   se kahunga nahi
Bol do na zara Dil mein jo hai chhipa
Main kisi   se kahunga nahi
Main kisi   se kahunga nahi


Mujhe neend aati nahi hai akele
Khawabon mein aaya karo
Nahi  chal sakunga tumhare bina main
Mera tum sahara bano

Ik tumhe chahne ke alaawa
Aur  kuch humse hoga nahi

Bol do na zara Dil mein jo hai chhipa
Main kisi   se kahunga nahi
Bol do na zara Dil mein jo hai chhipa
Main kisi   se kahunga nahi
Main kisi   se kahunga nahi


Hamari kami tumko mehsoos hogi
Bhiga dengi jab baarishein
Main bhar kar ke laaya hoon
Aankhon mein apni
Adhuri si kuch khwahishein
Rooh se chahne wale aashiq
Baatein jismon ki karte nahin

Bol do na zara
Dil mein jo hai chhipa
Main kisi se kahunga nahi

Bol do na zara
Dil mein jo hai chhipa
Main kisi se kahunga nahi
Main kisi se kahunga nahi

So that was the Guitar Chords for song Bol Do Na Zara From the Movie Azhar sung by Armaan Malik .We hope that you will love playing this beautiful song on guitar.If you like our work & wants to get latest update from us than just follow us on our Official Tricsforall.com Facebook page.

Airtel Direct Free Internet Trick 2016 Working Many States Openly Posted

After many months we are posting A new Airtel Direct Free Internet Trick based on Data Sharing loophole of Airtel on are website.Well this trick is already flooding in the market but many of you are still not knowing about this awesome trick till Yet.So we are here with this trick for our viewers & subscribers.This trick is direct & no vpn is required to use this tricks means you can directly use free internet on your default internet pack at full speed & without any restriction on bandwidth & protocols.

Features & Details Of Airtel Direct Free Internet Trick 2016

  • Give Access To Free Direct Internet on airtel.
  • Combo of 3G & 2G pack is Required To use this trick.
  • No balance & Data deduction problem with this awesome airtel direct free internet trick 2016.
  • Torrents can be download directly without any third party software.
  • Support all Secure protocol & gateway like HTTPS,FTP,SSL.

How to Configure Airtel Direct Free Internet Trick 2016

[button link=”http://www.datafilehost.com/d/3f639c3a” target=”_blank” color=”green” shape=”rounded” size=”large” align=”centre”]Download airtel direct Free Internet Trick Complete Guide[/button]

Openly Posted with No Survey

Password : tricksforall.com

This Guide Covers all the Steps Needed to Use Free Internet on Airtel,So Follow the Steps Carefully & Enjoy !!!


bsnl udp free internet trick

We have tested this trick through our sources in up w,delhi,mah,rajasthan & many other states.So give a try first with small amount & if you are statisfied with this trick than you can go for one month unlimited trick included with this guide.So try your luck & stay tuned with us as more Free intenet tricks are on the way.Do like us,share us on our Official Tricksforall.com Facebook Page if you liked our work.

AksharElementa – Super Luxury Apartments by Geomatrix Developers LLP

Demand of residential apartmentsin the city:

The property in Pune contains an addition of 40% of aggregate speculations. The most recent pattern of lodging is the extravagance manors, homes and apartments. There is a great demand of modern extravagance apartments and home in Pune and nearby areas like Tathawade. These latest residential apartments and infrastructures are quickly gaining popularity basically in the areas like Kharadi, Tathawade Wakad, Hinjewadi and Aundh.


About the Project:

Akshar Elementa is a genuinely gracious and inspiring project of residential apartment that has been composed with the objective of Transformation.Residential housing project means to make positive change in Indian families to achieve healthier and happier relationship that prompt healthy and happy individual lives. Project offers you many facilities and amenities to make your living happier.

Some of the amenities included in this project are as follows:

  • The apartment is equipped with beautiful and green garden to create beautiful and tranquil ambience.
  • It is provided with beautiful pebble pathway to walk along
  • Temple is also present for all residents of an apartment.
  • Big and small banquets with capacity of 80-300 for different functions and events
  • Lifts are available for the visitors and resident of an apartment , so that there would be no difficulty for them to reach to the top floor
  • Other amenities for fun and sports are also included in the project like swimming pool.
  • Well equipped library allow read the book of different categories and different writers in the peaceful environment.
  • Well equipped gym with all the latest equipments and experienced trainer is also available in the apartment.
  • Community hall for different occasions.
  • Internal roads allow you to connect to the different parts of an area

Hence the above facilities and amenities make it a most suitable place to reside where you may get every facility of your daily life.


You are provided with one living room, kitchen, 3 toilets and 4 balconies in 3BHK apartment with standard floorings, electrical fittings, windows, master bedroom and all floorings and fittings of standard quality.

Location of the project:

Akshar Developers Elementa is located in Tathawade whichis rapidly developingtown of Pune that is popular for its beautiful green landscape and excellent connectivity. Tathawade is very near to Hinjewadi IT hub and that is the reason number leading real estate companies and developers are investing in this area. Good connectivity of roads and electricity made it an attractive residential place. Tathawade is at close proximity to Wakad and top areas like Chhatrapati Shivaji Sports Complex and Indira Institute and the Closeness of Tathawade to these areas attracting many peoples to settle in this area and areas around it. There are number of other facilities in this area like good educational institutions, shopping malls and several healthcares makes it the most suitable place for residential purpose.

Tathawade is one of those chosen areas in the city that has created respectable name in the land market. It is a prime area in the city where one can advantageously search out for good residential apartments at moderate costs. Residential apartments in Tathawade promisingly offer abundant greenery great facilities and spectacular landscapes.

Developer of the project:

Geomatrix Developers LLP is twenty years old reputed company of akshar brand under the leadership of Director Mr. Ketan Patel. The organization is famous for is qualified professionalism, dynamism and devotion. Several other projects of the like Akshar Elementa, Valencia, Altorios, Silver Crest in different locations of the city like Kalamboli, Magarpatta, Tathawade and Khandeshwar.

Kepard VPN Review 2015:Secure Your Online Session with kepard

Kepard is one of the best emerging VPN Services in the market of Virtual Internet Network across the Globe. Started On 1 August 2012 with an Aim to provide unlimited data transfer with up to 256 Bit encryption at affordable price have become a great option for user’s who are worried of their online session security, fed up with government censorship, hacking and many other problems online. Kepard can be used on Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Android platforms with easy to use applications on Windows and Android. All the data sent over the servers is encrypted with secure VPN protocols of your choice.

kepard Review 2015

User’s can access many servers simultaneously at same time situated in 8 different countries spread all over the world without any speed limit or bandwidth limit.

Why Kepard VPN?

  • Access servers in 8 Different countries all over the world Simultaneously From One Account.
  • Torrents & P2P are allowed on NL Servers.
  • User can connect from two location at same time.
  • Multiple VPN protocols support – OpenVPN TCP/UDP, L2TP/IPSEC, PPTP
  • No speed or bandwidth limitations24x7x365 User support

Features & Details of Kepard VPN

  • When You use Public internet/WiFi in colleges, airport, railway stations, hostel etc. data sent over the server by your system can be accessed by hackers on an Unsecured WiFi hotspot but on VPN your data is encrypted & secured.
  • Concern about your Online identity & want to be anonymous all the time ,Just Give a Try to Kepard Vpn it will assign you New IP & Your identity wouldn’t be revealed Online.
  • Can’t Go Social as your ISP have blocked Facebook, Twitter, Skype or any other website. Just Connect to any Server of Kepard VPN & Your Internet Freedom will be Retained.
  • Your Internet Session once You Get Connected to Kepard VPN is being Encrypted using trusted secure protocols, such as L2TP/IPsec/OpenVPN protocols.

Kepard VPN Plans,Pricing And Affiliate program

In Comparison to other Reputed VPN Service,Kepard VPN is having the Most Affordable Pricing & Plans with many features.








Kepard VPN provide 30% commission to its affiliate on every sale through their link. You can place your affiliate links & banners on your website & Earn with Kepard.


From the Author’s Desk

I am a Big Fan of Kepard VPN as they won’t restrict my Speed at all and I get Maximum Speed of ISP.I have used Kepard VPN about 4 months & service was up to the expectation. So if You looking for affordable & quality product, Go with Kepard it will won’t disappoint You.

Showbox Apk Download Free v4.15 For Android/Pc-2015

I know watching movies and TV shows on your large screen smartphones is the favorite thing for students and people who are busy in offices and doesn’t get time to watch latest movies then obviously android apps will help you out,here we are talking about the most trending app called “Show box” which absolutely offers Free HD streaming of movies and Tv shows with new version 4.15 but why we are pointing out only Show box apk?apart from thousands of apps available in Google playstore?but the main problem lies with these apps are low video quality as well as voice too and doesn’t offer Continue reading Showbox Apk Download Free v4.15 For Android/Pc-2015