Trick to Get Password Of Secure WiFi Connection Using Android Phones With WPS Connect

Today We are going to share details of one amazing Android App which enables us to Get password of secure WiFi connection of nearby neighbors,society,shopping malls,college etc using WPS Connect Android App & best part of this app is you don’t need to be a tech geek to use this app even a girl can use this app easily.Many a times we are in need of internet and we are left with no mobile data so in these situation this app can be very handy to use.This app works on WPS capable routers configuration which allow WPS gateway or In short it can detect password of many secure WiFi Connection which are based on WPS configuration.

What is WPS Connect: App to Get Password of Secure WiFi Connection

Basically WPS Connect App,is a network tool which gives you three pin to try of a WPS protocol secure WiFi network which are available around you,These pin are based on default WiFi router configuration which are used to allow incoming connection,So if the pin matches than you will get automatically connected to that secure network or you can also view the password in this app log.

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Note: You Require Rooted Phone to use this app and it work on android 4.0.0 above version only.

How to Use WPS Connect: App to Get Password of Secure WiFi Connection

Download WPS Connect App from google play Here.

Now Just Open the App & tap refresh button to scan near by WiFi connection.

Get Password Of Secure WiFi Connection

Now Tap on those WiFi connection which show WPA enabled option.Now try each Pin which you get,If you are lucky enough you will successfully connected to that secure WiFi connection & believe me this App works like a charm.

WPS Connect Android App

We hope that this App tutorial will be very beneficial for all of you who are always short of internet & students who may not be able to afford WiFi/Internet plan charges.I am using this app personally from long time & it help me a lot.So if you face any problem in using this app than comment here,We would be happy to help you out and if you like our work & wanted to be stay updated regularly than do like us at our official Facebook Page.

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