Changing Dynamics of Education Industry In COVID-19 Era

The latest outbreak of the Covid-19 virus has struck the world’s economy hard, nations have been forced to close down, many industries have been shut down, the economy has just come to a sudden halt to curb this infectious virus. The educational system around the world is one of the few markets which is most impacted in comparison with other industries since most schools, colleges, and universities have been shut down to ensure that students stay secure in their home in compliance with government guidelines. Due to the ongoing lockdown, it is clear that students will not only lack in studies but also their exposure to nutritious meals may be impaired, in addition to that, they may have to fight with financial and social distress.

Institutions like world bank had reported that many countries without a deep-seated education program are expected to have poor learning outcomes and an elevated dropout rate after this pandemic is over. To overcome this problem, several educational institutions, capable of taking E-Learning as a mode of education, have opted to help students in completing their curricula at a given time, particularly in the higher Educational Sector, where it is essential that students participate in their summer internships and Job roles, that are imminent and difficult to postpone because offers are made beforehand. The education sector currently is witnessing a paradigm change from offline to electronic learning with the use of innovation capitalizing technology and high-speed Internet access but is mostly confined to urban areas. For eg, management students can understand a valuable financial topic through a google meet conference, students in engineering can clear their doubts on WhatsApp call, and even law enthusiasts can have electronic case-related discussions with their mentor over the zoom app.

The technology continues to play an immensely significant role in the development of the educational industry in the current situation, as many online education companies have recently entered in the market due to capture increased demand for online learning sessions with customized schedules, connected digital learning classes that can assist them in their education. This pandemic seems to have made this very 7necessary, as it is anticipated that more than 75 percent of Indian households will have constant Internet access by 2024 which will further boost online revolution in the education industry. To engage students in the sessions’ interactivity and perspective and, in turn, increase peer-to-peer learning, many educational universities have come up with a different approach to provide immersive electronic classes backed with an AI-enabled learning approach. Innovations are not just limited to digital education but also making its way to virtual internships with a set of specific assignments and projects that students can do virtually and have exposure to the corporate world.

In terms of teacher/educator experience, this transition appears to be a new opportunity to learn new ways and skills to convey the same information they provided in offline mode in the modern digital medium and to ensure they are as successful and as effective as they were previously. Teachers are encouraging students to develop social awareness, along with that they are following general recommendations provided by the UGC on how to offer clinical guidance and care to students in terms of their well-being.

Most of us are Privileged and have access to all the basic amenities essential for sustainable living but what about those who are being deprived of these resources, inching towards an uncertain future and COVID-19 have just happened to make things more than worse for them.

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  1. Well written article describing how technology is driving a new world where everything is connected and one can study at his own convenience.

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