Tips To Protect Yourself From Various Online Frauds

Ever Since Internet came into existence,most of the services have gone online featuring E-commerce(online shopping),online banking,E-ticketing,E-logistics & many more.With the Evolution of Payment System, Online Transferring of Money from Debit/Credit Cards,Internet Banking,Paypal have time-to-time lull hackers around the world to breach into security,break the Security codes of Various Payment gateway system & get unauthorized access to get the confidential information related to account’s passwords,Credit card Number’s,Pin and many more.In this Post,We are Going to cover Some of the measure’s which one can take to protect himself/herself from various Online Threats.


Measures To Avoid Online Frauds

  • VPN(Virtual Private Network) For Medium Scale Business

VPN creates a secure tunnel between user & server means none of other third-party can even view the connection logs thus your internet browsing and surfing details remain confidential & private.VPN also help you to bypass government censorship & restrictions thus VPN’s are very handy if You run a business or do frequent transaction.We have already done reviews of many VPN Service in past like Astrill , Kepard  which you can go through and Choose the one which satisfy all your needs.

  • Get a Good Updated Anti-Virus On Your PC/Tablets

Virus,keylogger,Malware,phishing attack from internet,External Storage Devices Specially Pen Drives,Infected/miscellaneous  Emails secretly Install programs in your PC/Tablets/Smart Phones which Run in background of your devices & keep collecting data you enter in your device and email them to the hackers when you get connected online every time  which simply means you are under surveillance by other third-party Groups thus to protect your details one should use good Anti-virus like Kaspersky Lab,Norton,Avast and Keep them updated as these program detects miscellaneous program being installed on your devices which surely protect you from various online frauds.

  • Never Ever Share your Confidential details related to your Credits Card,Internet Banking etc On calls from bank as these are Fake Calls as Any of the bank employe can never ask you these details according to the Policy of banks.
  • Always Do Online Shopping on VBV Approved Websites as VBV is protected by 256 bit Encryption technology which can’t breached easily.So yours cards details & passwords remain safe and confidential.
  • Always Use Virtual Keyboard Available on various payment gateways or Windows also have same Features in-built in it as suppose your device have keyloggers or any other miscellaneous program it may seek your login details and passwords.Virtual keyboard are safe & can’t be hacked.
  • Keep Changing Your passwords & login details time-to-time.This step may sound very small but many a times this step ensure your cyber protection on regular basis.
  • Always Use Firewalls or VPN while Doing Transactions using public WiFi ,Hotspot And LAN as these network are not protected and can be breech very easily.
  • If you Lost your Credit/Debit Card any where than without waste a Single Minute block your card using Toll Free Number of Your bank as many Online Sites accept Online Payments without your card password/pin means just via your physical card details.

So these are Few Measure & tips for all of you ensuring your protection against various Online Frauds.We hope that our post will be helpful to you & if you have any queries or have any suggestions regarding Online Hacking & Frauds activities you are free Contact us ,we will be Happy to Help You all with a Smile.

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