Astrill VPN Review 2015 : Best VPN For P2P,Media Streaming,Web Surfing

Astrill VPN Service is no doubt leading VPN service Provider’s in the market of Virtual Internet Network across the Globe.Established In 2009,Company has served over Thousands of customers from over 190 countries across the globe & still counting.Being Professional’s, their service ranges from Personal VPN services to dedicated IP/Port Forwarding,VPN routers and business VPN solutions & much more.Astrill supports Windows, Apple Macintosh, Linux, iPhone, iPad, Android, WiFi routers and many other platforms.

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Astrill have made their service’s easy to use without compromising the needs of their customers,privacy & overall functionality.Performance is more than expected and being very Generous they provide 7 Day Trial of their service’s with access to many servers with unrestricted bandwidth.Though Astrill VPN provide VPN router & business VPN solution but we have limited to Personal VPN service only.

Why You Need Astrill VPN ?

  • When You use Public Internet at Places like Airport,college,hotel,cafe,school.Information Sent over the server by you can Easily be accessed by hackers and data sniffers on an Unsecured WiFi Hotspot but if You are on Astrill VPN your information is encrypted & secured.
  • Concern about Your Privacy & don,t want your ISP to trace Your Internet Activity,Just Give A try to Astrill VPN it Will make Your IP Untraceable with their advanced IP Changing Technology.
  • Can’t visit Social Website’s like Facebook,twitter,Skype,hulu and many more due to government censorship or corporate firewalls.A VPN creates a secure tunnel to the Internet, allowing you to experience the online world without any restrictions.
  • Astrill VPN allowed You to Download Torrents Files on Bit torrent Client,Ftp Files at Your Full ISP Speed.

Features & Details Of Astrill VPN

There are almost 100+ VPN service Provider’s in the market but there are Some Unique features which makes Astrill winner in the race.Here Are Some that we have shortlisted from many.

Prevent Geo-targeting and location identification.

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Many A time’s We don’t want to share our location or simply want to change our location with one which is not based on our physical location.Astrill provides many servers in different part of the world which can be connected at one go moreover you can change your IP simultaneously according to Yours needs.

Multiple VPN Protocols.

As have already Mentioned That Astrill vpn Support many platforms they also provide various vpn protocols like openweb,openvpn,PPTP, L2TP, IPSec, StealthVPN, SSTP, and IKEv2.Purpose of providing more than one protocol is very simple if your ISP restrict speed on one protocol than just try another.One or the other will definitely  makes your things get going.

Defeat ISP deep packet inspection.

In countries like China where ISP Provider’s use Deep packet Inspection to stop VPN connection according government guidelines & censorship Astrill vpn is only vpn which is able you to get connected to their server’s with their Advanced Optimized Server specially Built to bypass ISP deep packet inspection.

Video Accelerator & Web Cache

These are the additional features provided in Astrill VPN Windows Client which accelerates High Definition vedios   streaming on Youtube,Dailymotion Hulu, Netflix, BBC iPlayer and many others.

Moreover Web Cache Technology Make’s Astrill VPN one of the fastest VPN in the Market.

Plans,Pricing & Support of Astrill  VPN Service

As We all Know, Good Things come with some extra cost as the service is unmatched You can choose From 3 Different Plan according to Your Needs & budget.

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Note: StealthVPN for PC/Mac/Linux is included for free with 1 year plan !

Customer Service of Astrill VPN

They Support 24*7*360 round clock support including online chat service,instant email reply and tele-support.

From the Author’s Desk:

I am using Astrill VPN service from last 15 days and trust me,it’s the best VPN service out there.Dedicated servers in many countries,I/P port forwarding ,premium bandwidth,100% secure are some of the features which set it apart from other VPN services.I personally insist everyone who are concerned about their privacy,online security and downloading speed must have this wonderful app in their bags.

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  2. I am strongly convinced that Astrill is the best VPN ever. The customer service is good. The service itself is excellent. The speed is fast and it is reliable.

  3. Having trouble with other VPN services? I would not hesitate to recommend you to Astrill. It is the best.

  4. Since I started using Astrill about 2 years ago, I have not had any issues with it. I am satisfied with its performance

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