Ad Blocker For Android-How To Stop/Block Ads In Games,Apps And Browsers

yes we always frustrated with the annoying pop up ads while browsing through android browser and while playing android games,we know its tiresome job to close each and every ad pop up,Now with the help of Android apps we can stop ads while using applications,Famous ad blocker available for windows called “Ad blocker” which is a free ad blocker  and available as browser extension which almost blocks or stops 90% of ads while browsing providing a clean environment ,and the same ad blocker is available for android smartphones even its rooted or non-rooted,lets discuss the way on how to block ads while browsing , playing games,using android apps.


What is Adblock Plus:

Adblock plus one of the top Free ad blocker software currently available for firefox,ie-Internet explorer,Google chrome and Android Too, Ad block plus allows us to stop or block ads in smartphones whether it is Rooted or non rooted,Basic requirement should be android version of 2.1 and higher.


How To Download And Install Adblock Plus In Android Smartphones:

currently Adblock plus is not available in Google playstore and should visit adblock plus official website to download and install Adblock plus Apk on your android smartphone,Read below instructions to know the process of using Adblock plus.

  • As Adblock plus should be downloaded from its official site,we should allow our smartphone to download apps from unknown sources,if you haven’t done that then go to settings>security>Turn on unknown sources and click ok to confirm the settings,now the basic setting is done.
  • Download and install adblock plus From link: Download adblock plus Apk
  • After downloading run the apk and install it
  • If you are using rooted device then super user permission to be granted,if it is non rooted android phone then we have plenty of options to configure based on our requirement to name few options like ads filter lists,non-intrusive ads etc,Adblock plus runs and you can see the adblock plus extension visible in notification bar which ensures ad free experience while browsing and while playing games.adblock plus is safe and legit
  • adblock plus extension/addon is ready to be installed in firefox android browser too,read below guide to know how to install adblock plus extension in firefox android browser.


How To Install Adblock plus Firefox addon:

If you have browsers then we can install adblock plus extension by following below instructions

  • if you dont have firefox android browser then Download Firefox android browser
  • Open firefox browser and navigate to download adblock plus add on for firefox which downloads and installs adblock plus add on to integrate it in to your browser
  • Restart your Firefox browser and there you go surf with ad free experience,just tap on adblock plus settings to explore and configure more features.

If you are not satisfied with the Adblock plus then here are the other free ad blocker for android smartphones

  1. Ad away:ad away well known name for techies and works out well in rooted devices,click here to Download ad away Apk
  2. No-Root Ad-Remover lite:No root ad remover works the same way as ABP which removes ads eliminating the need of rooting,click here to Download

These are the two best ad blocking/stopping apps which you may consider for android smartphones.



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