How To Track/Find Lost Android Mobile

Android Smartphones ruling our  daily world with New and trendy apps,we use every app which is trendy and most useful for our daily works,obviously android applications are making our life simpler but what about the security for our Android operating system,what if someone stolen our costliest best smartphone,Tracking with IMEI doesn’t help much,before this situation comes we need to find out best android security app.


Here we are presenting you a best android security app which helps us in tracking lost mobile with great accuracy and with great features like locating the mobile(phone locator),taking pictures with front and rear camera remotely,sending messages to stolen mobile etc These are just few and many more features  are available with best android app called “Lost Android“There are handful of apps available in Play store but in terms of security No other app can beat this Lost android because of its  size,features,security and easy to configure and use.

How To Track lost/stolen Android Mobile Or Tablet with Lost Android App:

We need some basic Requirements:

  • Android mobile
  • Data connection
  • Lost android apk

Step 1: How To use Lost Android app to Locate Your lost android

  • Android mobile should consist of playstore linked with gmail account,this is the basic and most important requirement for Lost android App to Work
  • Download Lost android app from playstore(Just 260kb)
  • Install it and click on “Request Administrator Rights
  • Now gmail account linked with playstore will have the access rights to use the features of Lost anroid app
  • Now your work done with smartphone

step 2:How To Use Lost android website to Track stolen mobile:

  • visit the androidlost official website and login with gmail account associated with playstore
  • lost-android-apk
  • Now you will have access to the below features:
  • Read sms: we can view what messages are coming to our phone and send them to our email
  • view on map:we can view our smartphone location by using lost android
  • send sms from pc: we can send messages from pc to mobile
  • Lock and wipe the phone
  • pop up messages on the phone:we can send pop up messages to the phone and if friendly guy who has stolen the mobile clicks our front camera will take a picture and sends to us,This is the best feature very useful for tracking stolen mobile
  • Forward calls
  • Read status: what if sim has been replaced,we can still know the  status like IMEI,sim number,yes sim number too
  • Use the camera like front and rear  to take the pictures remotely using website
  • view browsing history
  • Recording the voice with mobile microphone:we can enable this feature and try to record the conversation

There are plenty of features available all you need to do is just sign in with gmail account and use this controls to track your lost android mobile.


Simple guide to Track your lost Android mobile without App:


  1. There is an alternate way and most used i.e Android device manager ,we can still use this trick to find out stolen mobile or tablet,even this feature works the same way as lost android but without installing any app
  2. Just visit Android device manager and login
  3. Android device manager tries to find out the mobile location and you can use the feature like Ring and enable lock& erase which erases the data of mobile Remotely
  4. This feature only helps us in locating mobile when data connection is active unlike lost android app,we can not track or locate the mobile As accurate as lost android.


Every smartphone doesn’t come with find my android feature,we need to secure our smartphone with best android apps available and we Review Lost android comes in first place which helps us in full control over smartphone,

That’s all about finding your lost android smartphone,we hope this post helps us in securing your smartphone and do not forget  sharing this post with your friends,like us on official Tricksforall Facebook Fan Page.

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