How To Make TCP Configurations with PD-Proxy VPN Software:Part 2

Few Months back,We have posted a tutorial to find Open UDP ports in various telecom networks with the help of PD-Proxy a VPN tunneling software to enjoy High-speed internet at Free of Cost.That Post was appreciated by our readers all around the world & Many of them get benefited from it.In that post we have told you how you could find open UDP ports with pd-proxy but as you all know that UDP ports are short-lived and couldn’t be access all through the year.So In this post we will teach You how to use TCP ports to access free internet all through out the year with the help of working host’s and PD-Proxy VPN software in detail.

Tcp configuration with pd proxyMaking TCP Configuration with PD Proxy

But Before starting this tutorial You need to know what is pd-proxy,where to found it and how to get register an account on it.

For this information I would suggest you to visit this post: Pd-proxy: A tool to find open ports.

Now by going through that post You have learnt about UDP ports,How to find them and Some incomplete information about tcp ports which are opened all through the year in many telecom network companies.

So in this Post we will give all information related to tcp ports and also teach you how you could access them through working host and http proxy to use enjoy high-speed internet at free of cost.

How To Find Open TCP ports Using PD Proxy

Finding open TCP port is little bit different from UDP ports, meansย  there are only few pre-defined TCP ports which could be used for accessing free internet on any telecom network generally they are TCP-443,TCP-80,TCP-8080 & TCP-53.But Pd-proxy will never scan for open TCP port like UDP ones when you set TCP search port protocol to 0,It will only search for universal HTTPS TCP-443 port when You set it To 0.

Now a big question arrive if we can’t access TCP ports directly than How we could confirm whether that particular tcp port is opened or not ?

So to Confirm any tcp port (generally tcp-443 or tcp-80) ,Just follow above steps very carefully.

  • First Connect to internet with your netsetter which ever network you want to check with their default APN settings at low balance.
  • Now Open Pd-proxy software,but you should know how to scan ports using pd-proxy.Now Goto Settings>Advance Settings>Proto option>TCP server Port and set it to 443 or which ever port you want to scan.But prefer TCP-443 As it’s a universal port & save your work.
  • Now Goto Settings,tick option Show debug logs & than Enter Yes and Now set Sever & Protocol to Demo server 1, TCP respectively and Press Connect button.
  • In Connecting debug log box,If You see this message than it means that particular TCP port is opened on your network & could be used for making tcp configuration.

TCP socket is now connected.

Find tcp port

So now You know how to check whether a particular tcp port is opened or not in your network.But you can’t access these ports directly without having proper working host(http headers) and Http proxy.So in next section I will help you to find working host and then How to connect with them.

How To Find Custom Hosts & Proxy

After confirming TCP port You need only two things to access High-speed internet at free of cost.

Working Hosts: Now this is only thing which is difficult to find but not impossible.Well these are any Webpage address which open’s at zero balance without having any GPRS pack activated on your sim.

Confused,Let me Explain you little deeply,Many telecom Companies give various offers to their users at free of cost like accessing Facebook in your mobile at free of cost,Browsing Videos free of cost(airtel),Using twitter free of cost(vodafone).Now all these webpage like m.t***ter.**m, are free host for us to use and it could any homepage which opens at free of cost but remember You should you numeric address of that Homepage in pd-proxy.

For this issue,You could visit here.

Http Proxy: Now you could find working Http-proxy very easily from Here.Make sure You pick a correct http proxy of port with 80,8080&3128 only.

How To connect with TCP Ports using PD-Proxy

Now You have all the information that You need while connecting to Open tcp port of your network,So just follow these instruction very carefully to get connected.

  • First,Just Connect to internet with your netsetter of which ever network you have got proper working host with their default APN settings at low balance.
  • Now open PD-Proxy and set protocol to TCP and TCP Port to 443.
  • Now open Settings>Settings>Advance Settings>Parent Proxy>Tick on Enable Parent proxy and Put your http proxy with port as shown is Screenshot.

pd proxy 1

  • Now in this tab only,You could see Headers option(here you put your working host),Click on it,and put your working host like this.

Host:Your working host/
X-online-Host:Your working host/

In this,You have to replace this line “Your working host” with your http host that’s open at free of cost on your network.

Note– In some country,You may skip this line-“X-online-Host:Your working host/” but its necessary in india.

Now All set,Just save your work,twice and Save&Go back.

Now if all details are right,than connect with Demo server 1 if you are using trial account and if you have premium pd-proxy account than you could connect with any server.

pd proxy speedConclusion

We have tried our best to teach how you could Use open tcp ports to access high-speed free interne on your network.But You know that Demo servers have 100MB limit per day and for unlimited data traffic you have to purchase their premium account.So in our next tutorial We will teach you how you could make you own unlimited VPN configuration which could be Run via NMD VPN or OpenVpn software unlimitedly without spending any money from Your pocket.

So that is all about pd-proxy and how you could use it in making tcp configuration to use high-speed internet at free of cost.Stay tunned with us for more&more tutorials and tricks like us and don’t forget to like us on our facebook page.

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    • bro in some case pd-prox won’t get connected to servers without having premium account and this the reason why NMD vpn softwares are so popular.
      It would be great if You could mention your state and send you working host at ,in return i will sent you working nmd vpn config.

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    moreover does country of http proxy makes a difference?

    • Yes any webpage which opens at Zero balance is a working host But if You use these tricks with airtel
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