How To Use Whatsapp Without Using Your Mobile Number

we know whatsapp messenger works with sim number only ,but do you know there is a simple trick to use whatsapp without using your phone number?

well whatsapp without number and SIM CARD ,works for every mobile and you can start chatting with  your friends,There are hundreds of whatsapp messenger or application Tricks available online but this trick is very useful who deliberately want to enjoy whatsapp service without linking their Number with whatsapp service,yes you can enjoy this whatsapp on pc also and as we know whatsapp for pc can be used with official whatsapp web

you can try Whatsapp on your tablet too by using this trick

well lets come to the Whatsapp Trick,and below find some basic requirements and instructions.


Basic Requirements:

  • Download whatsapp application from playstore
  • Active Data connection
  • spoofed text app

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Use Whatsapp Without Mobile Number

so below are the steps which you can follow to use whatsapp without using any mobile number,phone number or SIM card.

  • First we need to save our whatsapp  data to our phone and uninstall the existing whatsapp account or application
  • Now,the trickiest part is to switch your phone to Flight Mode,now download and install new whatsapp messenger from playstore on your phone using wifi
  • keep your phone in Flight mode and go on with the whatsapp on screen instructions and Put your mobile number for verification,dont panic it wont send any verification message as phone is in flight mode.
  • Now you will be prompted with alternate way to verify your phone number,then select check through SMS
  • Now after above step enter your Email address and click submit button,now immediately click on Cancel button.
  • Now install spoof messages apps in your mobile,for android we have Spoof Text Message and if you have iphone install Fake-A-Message
  • Now check outbox,send the detail to spoofed verifications,you can use these details for verifications:To:+447900347295 From details: country code,mobile number,Message,email id
  • Now this whatsapp without number works by sending these details to that false number and you can use that number for the verification process of your whatsapp messenger account.
  • This was our short guide on using whatsapp without any sim or any mobile number.



so,this is our short guide which helps us in using whatsapp without mobile number,i hope this trick will be very useful and helpful to our readers ,if you have any queries regarding this post lend your queries in comment section ,we will revert as fast as possible.

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