How To Force 3G Only Network In Moto Android Phones

In many Android Phone’s,Especially Moto Phones There is No Option to select 3G only Network Option as its come with Default  WCDMA Preferred or Gsm Preferred network option.Thus when the 3G signal is not good it automatically changes to 2G network & many a times it become a headache for a user.Thus in this Post we Will be Discussing about Two Different Ways How you can Solve This problem Very easily,First by using Simple Android App Called Network or Second by Dialing a Secret Code & choosing 3G Only/WCDMA only Network.

Force 3G Mode Using Network APP

First Method:

Network is a Free Tiny Android App Available On Google Play Store and Its Give You option To get the desired Network Mode using A Simple Drop-Down List.

Force 3G only Network in Moto Phones

How it works: It’s Just create a shortcut to the RadioInfo from and Give You Option To Switch Between The Networks.For 3G choose wcdma Only,for 3G/2G use Wcdma Preferred option and For 2G only use GSM only Option.

Note: You can also change other things with this shortcut: USE IT AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!

Force 3G network

Attention: If You are Using Moto Dual Version Mobile than this App will Work with SIM 1 only,So put you data Sim in Sim 1 Slot to Make Use of this APP.

Second Method:

This Method Is Pretty Simple,Just open Your Dial Pad and Dial This Code as it is.It will Lead You to Your Mobile’s RadioInfo setting if Supported by Your Mobile Manufacture & there you Can Choice Your desired network as the same Way as mentioned in First Method.


Note:You May need To Restart Your mobile using this option and if You are using Dual Sim Version Phone than prefer SIM 1 Slot for data Sim.

Both of These Method to Select 3G only Network In android Phone is tested by me and Perfectly working in my Moto G XT 1068 Version with Android Kitkat Os.I Hope My this Post will Solve your Network Related Problem at once & If you Like Our Post than Do Like Us at Our Official Facebook Page & Stay Tuned with us for future Updates.

A new twist to answering the hunger call- Order Food Using TinyOwl App

TinyOwl Technology Pvt. Ltd. is the latest to launch a great food ordering app and food delivery app. This initiative was launched a year back from now and is owned by Harshvardhan Mandad. This amazing food delivery app has been developed to satiate hungry stomachs and those seeking authentic and great food at the comfort of delivery to their doorstep. TinyOwl food app ad has now made food ordering for people in few of the metropolitan cities of India namely- Gurgaon, Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Pune a simple and smooth task.


The TinyOwl app was started a year back and was launched on November 1, 2014 officially. Presently, it is expanding quite rapidly and is seeing a strong growth phase. Started as a small team, TinyOwl Technology at present employs around 400 people, who work at the food app for its constant improvement and development. The app team is in plans to reach out its delivery network in different cities of the country with its current growth plans. TinyOwl food ordering app is giving a tough competition to other food apps and growing immensely popular with its recent trending on social media as well. The app has managed about 5 lakh app downloads in less than a year. Food ordering has seen an altogether different dimension since the introduction of this food delivery app. Each day a good number of orders are received through TinyOwl app.

Today, the app is a huge success owing to its unique thought and features, some of which are listed below.

Minimal Design & Interface

Thinking of a food ordering app, one would assume and wish for a simple interface that can be used to order the food. This is where this food delivery app wins hearts. With an absolutely transparent and smooth interface and ad-free design, food ordering was never so easy and fun. One can conveniently search the app for their desired food and order in a hassle free manner. This app is sure to be a delight for food fanatics. Hence if you happen to be a food lover, you should install TinyOwl’s food app on your Android smart phone to change your food ordering experience a trendy and convenient twist.

Location Detector and Flexible Payment Options

The app makes use of a simple interface that will detect your present location once you log in to an account on the app. Based on that, the app will host a variety of options of the food joints in your vicinity. One you have a list of the available options, you can place your desired order with the app and your food will be delivered to your doorstep in no time. You can even enjoy the benefit of placing orders online at multiple joints. What is more is the benefit of making the payment for the food at your choice. Among the many options are credit cards, debit cards, net banking, PayTM wallet and cash on delivery. So choose whichever method suits your and enjoy your favorite food.

Customer Support

The services provided by the TinyOwl app are amazing and unique. Apart from the convenience of food ordering, the customer support from the app is unparalleled no matter which city you happen to be in. You can get timely and regular updates about the status of your order.


Final Say

The services and benefits offered by the app speak for themselves. Your food ordering experience can never go wrong with the use of this app. Install it on your smart phones today and get the best out of the app. Review: Save Money While Shopping Online

E-commerce in India is growing at really high pace. Everyone wants to shop online sitting in office, home or anywhere outside like in a Car, Bus or Train. It has become really easy to get everything online whatever you need. One of the biggest advantage of shopping online is that we get good discounts, offers and pay less. So, we save money and time both. So, we look for Coupon Codes every time we purchase online, so that we can get discount and save money. Most of us are addicted to buy things online like Recharges, Movie Tickets, Bus Tickets, Electronic Gadgets, Software, Clothing, Household products, food etc., indirectly i mean everything.


How to buy online?

Its as simple as 1 2 3. Just go to the merchant you want to buy a product from, select the product, go to best coupon codes website, get the code, apply on the checkout and you are done. You can pay through Credit/Debit card, Net Banking, Cash on Delivery (not always available), Wallets like Paytm, Mobikwik (not on all merchants).


Why use coupon codes and where to find?

The one and only motive of using coupon codes is to get discounts and save our money easily. You don’t need to put much efforts, you can easily find coupon codes to get discounts on several merchants. Using coupon codes is not mandatory but why waste our money if we can save easily.

To save money on online purchases, just go to which is the best coupon code website for big savings on every online purchase. By using  you can easily get coupon codes for Food, Recharges, Fashion, Electronic Gadgets, Buying Bus Tickets, Booking Online Movie Tickets etc. You can find coupons for different categories with easy to navigate search options. You can also find coupon codes for specific merchants too. For example, if you want to find Jabong coupons, then you just have to type Jabong in search bar and hit search.

picodi homepage


  • Easy to use & navigate user interface. Simple and easy layout. You can easily find what you need.
  • Option to Register Account & get coupons and updates even more easily.
  • Subscribe to Newsletter option to get latest working coupons and deals straight to mailbox.
  • Responsive across all platforms – Mobiles, Tablets, Laptops, PCs.
  • Find Coupons for desired categories  and different merchants easily.
  • Run nicely even on low internet speed.
  • Coupons get updates several times daily.
  • All the coupon codes are listed in order wise like – 1% discount offer to 99% discount offer
  • Verified Coupon codes.
  • Coupons available for international merchants too.



We really liked and recommend everyone to use this Coupon Website to save big money online. Its easy to use layout makes it better than others. Give it a go right now and don’t forget to add your questions (if any), feedback in comments. Happy Shopping Online!!!

Hide My IP VPN Review 2015

Thousands of VPNs in the Race but some are without doubt the best. Hide My IP is one of the most reliable  VPN service available on internet today. Providing you the chance to surf anonymously,preventing you from numerous hacker out there trying to breach in your personal  identity and information,sending you spam and anonymous emails,encrypting your internet traffic making you slow on internet.Available for Windows,MAC and android, it is exceptionally easy to use and very user friendly.


Use it on your favorite internet browser and you will fall in love with it knowing all the power this mighty VPN is containing.

Why you need Hide My IP VPN

Using Hide My IP and hiding your IP is as simple as clicking the  Hide My IP button and then to revert to your normal settings you just have to click Hide MY IP.

  • Using Internet on public places including airports,malls,coffee shops makes you extremely vulnerable to attacks by hacker and data sniffer as the WiFi hotspot on these places is unsecure but Hide My IP VPN can protect you from these attackers and provide you a secure environment for your work.
  • Hide your IP ,thus hiding your identity and then reach all the content on the internet blocked by the your like Netflix or YouTube.Enjoy your private web browsing with no barriers on the way.
  • Hide My IP Provide Free Trial of Their Services unlike most vpn providers do not have a have free trail.
  • ByPass firewall and chose your VPN IP from thousands of IP addresses provided from all over the globe. Get a chance to choose from IP addresses from 71 different virtual locations like Las Vegas, Miami, London, Paris, Parktown, Hong Kong, Singapore and many more places simply covering almost all the continents.
  • With the Windows edition of Hide My IP, users can also define which programs they want to hide their IP with, (e.g. only web browsers).With other VPN providers, this option does not exist, it forces the user to hide their IP with all programs and the user can not choose.


Hide My IP is compatible with all kinds of routers,home networks or any other type of internet network.Just you have to get a license key for each computer in the network and there you go.

Dodge the Information EXtraction(IX)

Some ISPs keep a keen eye on the users activity on the internet and spy on their information. Protect your information and keep your browsing activities private by using this simple tool Hide My IP which uses its  advanced optimized server built for this purpose only.

Work with HTTPs and SSL

There are very few fake IPs  presents that can work with SSL but with Hide My IP you can find them without much efforts just by changing the IP address till you get that one fake IP from those few which will open the websites on SSL mode.

Price and Order

Pay a small amount of $29.95 and get the one time license to use this amazing VPN for your window or mac and $2.95 – $29.95 for android. Hide My IP offers a one-time fee for lifetime of service.  With other providers, you must pay each month or year, and you can not use their service again unless you pay again.

User support And Service

Get instant support and solution for all your queries with the 24×7 working customer support ready to reply to your chats, mails and phone calls.

Watch IPL 8 Matches Online, TV, Mobiles, Laptop

The IPL Season 8 is about to start icon biggrin How & Where to Watch IPL 8 Matches Online, TV, Mobiles, Laptop? and all indian cricket fans are very much excited about it.

After loosing the World Cup 2015 to Australia. Indian Fans were disappointed. But this IPL 8 season can give some regards for  losing the World Cup. Now you can Watch IPL Online on some sites and enjoy the big shots and the awesome wickets anywhere, anytime.

IPLNow as i already told the IPL 2015 is going on soon so let’s prepare yourself to watch all those big shots like The pull shot, the hook shot, the cut and the lofted straight drive from world class batsmen from all over the world. You just can’t miss any game.

Therefore, to avoid missing any games, you can watch IPL Live Streaming online without any delay.

People love IPL because it features world class players from all over the World. Records break every other game. People watch IPL from all over the world. It showcase best talent from the world and from the India. It helps small players to show their talent on the big stage to the world which also help them get a chance to play for their national team too.

For Indian Players its win win, it will be chance for many players to get their form back and get their place back in national team like Yuvraj Singh.

As in the past years too, you will be able to watch IPL Season 8 live on your TV sets in different countries all over the world. Below i have shared TV Channels where IPL 8 will be broadcasted officially live.

Here goes the list of tv channels to watch live ipl 8 matches from anywhere! Lets check it out, Country Tv channel broadcast
1 India Sony Six & Set Max
2 Caribbean IMG
3 Hong Kong PCCW
4 Bangladesh Maasaranga TV
5 Middle East OSN Network
6 Singapore StarHub
7 Sub-Saharan Africa SuperSport
8 Pakistan Geo Super
9 Canada Rogers Sportsnet
10 United States (US) Willow TV
11 Sri Lanka Carlton Sports Network
12 Malaysia Measat (Astro)
13 Papua New Guinea EMTV
14 United Kingdom (UK) ITV Networks Ltd
15 New Zealand (NZ) Sky NZ

So these channels helps you watch ipl online at anytime anywhere without missing any balls. Share this with your friends and do share your comments below .

Impact of Real Estate Website

Want your own house or housing facilities? Dream no more. With an expansion in Real Estate sector, catching hold of a fruitful property has become hassle free and lookup profitable at the same time. Market is flooded with offers which benefit the buyers with a worthy property, offering prime location and good revenue.

Lack of time is a major concern and hinders out the reach to real estate agents. According to a survey, 75% of the buyers initiate their search for a perfect property at home. They prefer leading and reliable real estate websites to put an end to their quest with a single click.

You can sell or rent a property under industry expert guidance in a short time. Agents bring forth great deals as per market trends and make them available to the clients and investors at the comfort of a couch.

Real estate sites bolster a business by serving as the first point of contact with a buyer. A user friendly, professional and engaging website smartly displays the extensive list of properties, pricing, location, and other vital information. Such portals conquer higher number of web traffic compare to direct agent-client meet. You are not required to run around in scorching heat to serve your need. Real estate websites have real photos and real locations captured to offer you a virtual visit straight to the property.


Leading Real estate sites which are taking the real estate industry by storm are:


Over 1 lakh visitors from 100+ cities visit these real estate websites every month to fulfil their residential and commercial real estate requirements. With countless options and opportunities, one is certain to find a property at a very low price that in turn would reap benefits. Easy accessibility of 24×7 to real estate websites bridges the gap between the broker and the buyer.

These websites are run by experts and are customised well-enough to direct the clients in a highly interactive form. Each site serves as a roof to over lakhs of projects with an aim to fit the bill. Everything from buying, selling to renting can be done without the involvement of tedious registration procedure. These real estate websites play a significant role in building goodwill of an agent and therefore, have query cell to answer the investors with complete satisfaction.

Contribution of real estate and infrastructure sector is major in Indian economy and therefore, calls for multiplied investments every year. Agents who understand the same go all the way to fill the web space with a powerful real estate website. To suffice, such portals and websites are the ideal and the most convenient way to own a land, property or a house. Next time, click your way to dart the desired deal at an economical price.

Astrill VPN Review 2015 : Best VPN For P2P,Media Streaming,Web Surfing

Astrill VPN Service is no doubt leading VPN service Provider’s in the market of Virtual Internet Network across the Globe.Established In 2009,Company has served over Thousands of customers from over 190 countries across the globe & still counting.Being Professional’s, their service ranges from Personal VPN services to dedicated IP/Port Forwarding,VPN routers and business VPN solutions & much more.Astrill supports Windows, Apple Macintosh, Linux, iPhone, iPad, Android, WiFi routers and many other platforms.

astrill vpn review 1

[button link=”” target=”_blank” color=”green” shape=”rounded” size=”large” align=”centre”]Visit Astrill VPN Now >>[/button]

Astrill have made their service’s easy to use without compromising the needs of their customers,privacy & overall functionality.Performance is more than expected and being very Generous they provide 7 Day Trial of their service’s with access to many servers with unrestricted bandwidth.Though Astrill VPN provide VPN router & business VPN solution but we have limited to Personal VPN service only.

Why You Need Astrill VPN ?

  • When You use Public Internet at Places like Airport,college,hotel,cafe,school.Information Sent over the server by you can Easily be accessed by hackers and data sniffers on an Unsecured WiFi Hotspot but if You are on Astrill VPN your information is encrypted & secured.
  • Concern about Your Privacy & don,t want your ISP to trace Your Internet Activity,Just Give A try to Astrill VPN it Will make Your IP Untraceable with their advanced IP Changing Technology.
  • Can’t visit Social Website’s like Facebook,twitter,Skype,hulu and many more due to government censorship or corporate firewalls.A VPN creates a secure tunnel to the Internet, allowing you to experience the online world without any restrictions.
  • Astrill VPN allowed You to Download Torrents Files on Bit torrent Client,Ftp Files at Your Full ISP Speed.

Features & Details Of Astrill VPN

There are almost 100+ VPN service Provider’s in the market but there are Some Unique features which makes Astrill winner in the race.Here Are Some that we have shortlisted from many.

Prevent Geo-targeting and location identification.

astrill reveiw 2

Many A time’s We don’t want to share our location or simply want to change our location with one which is not based on our physical location.Astrill provides many servers in different part of the world which can be connected at one go moreover you can change your IP simultaneously according to Yours needs.

Multiple VPN Protocols.

As have already Mentioned That Astrill vpn Support many platforms they also provide various vpn protocols like openweb,openvpn,PPTP, L2TP, IPSec, StealthVPN, SSTP, and IKEv2.Purpose of providing more than one protocol is very simple if your ISP restrict speed on one protocol than just try another.One or the other will definitely  makes your things get going.

Defeat ISP deep packet inspection.

In countries like China where ISP Provider’s use Deep packet Inspection to stop VPN connection according government guidelines & censorship Astrill vpn is only vpn which is able you to get connected to their server’s with their Advanced Optimized Server specially Built to bypass ISP deep packet inspection.

Video Accelerator & Web Cache

These are the additional features provided in Astrill VPN Windows Client which accelerates High Definition vedios   streaming on Youtube,Dailymotion Hulu, Netflix, BBC iPlayer and many others.

Moreover Web Cache Technology Make’s Astrill VPN one of the fastest VPN in the Market.

Plans,Pricing & Support of Astrill  VPN Service

As We all Know, Good Things come with some extra cost as the service is unmatched You can choose From 3 Different Plan according to Your Needs & budget.

astrill review pricing

Note: StealthVPN for PC/Mac/Linux is included for free with 1 year plan !

Customer Service of Astrill VPN

They Support 24*7*360 round clock support including online chat service,instant email reply and tele-support.

From the Author’s Desk:

I am using Astrill VPN service from last 15 days and trust me,it’s the best VPN service out there.Dedicated servers in many countries,I/P port forwarding ,premium bandwidth,100% secure are some of the features which set it apart from other VPN services.I personally insist everyone who are concerned about their privacy,online security and downloading speed must have this wonderful app in their bags.

Reliance New Method Trick Confrim Working In Many States

Finally we are back with one more reliance 3G trick which is working in many states without speed capping issues & support BitTorrent client also which allow us to download torrent directly with full reliance 3G speed.We have worked hard to find out this new secret method based on new proxy tunneling software which is working in many states on reliance without any problems.This trick is so far best trick of reliance ever posted on our website based on secret proxy tunneling software supported unlimited 3G downloading,surfing & torrent leaching at full speed.So here are some more features & details of this awesome trick.

Features & Details of Reliance New Method Trick

  • Small pack is required to use this trick.
  • Based On New Secret Proxy tunneling Software.
  • Torrent Leaching,Unlimited Downloading,surfing are key features of this trick.
  • Torrents can also be downloading using idm through
  • Secure website with Parallel downloads are supported.

How To Configure Reliance New Method Trick

Download Instruction File From Here

[button link=”” target=”_blank” color=”green” shape=”rounded” size=”large” align=”centre”]Download Reliance New Method Trick[/button]


[button link=”” target=”_blank” color=”green” shape=”rounded” size=”large” align=”centre”]Download Reliance New Method Trick[/button]

We are not disclosing any information of this trick Here to avoid blocking of this trick.

Just download instruction file from here,Follow Instruction very carefully and Enjoy High-speed Free Internet On Reliance


reliance new method trick

This trick is working in many states like MP,West Bengal,Delhi,bihar,Rajasthan & Mumbai etc.So give it a try & share your experience with us,We are constantly trying our best to post working trick for our readers so do like us on official Tricksforall Facebook Page for regular update.

Bsnl UDP Trick Confrim Working In South States

Here is Another Bsnl Trick but this time it’s not based On BBM pack its a Direct trick based on Data Pack recharge.This trick is totally direct thus you don’t required any vpn software to use this trick & also don’t need to recharge with bbm pack.As we said this trick is based on Data pack recharge so you will get Full 3G speed without much loss of your data pack without any trouble & problems.Our Friends had tested this trick in south states & they said this trick is working Fine for them,it may also work in other states also.So here are some More Features & Details of this awesome trick.

Features & Details Of Bsnl UDP Trick

  • Totally Direct,Not Based On BBM Pack.
  • Data Pack Is required to use this trick.
  • Full High-Speed 3G Downloading,surfing & torrent Leaching.
  • All Secure shopping gateways are supported.
  • maintain 1-5rs Balance while using this Trick.

How To configure Bsnl UDP Trick

Download Instruction file From Here

[button link=”” target=”_blank” color=”green” shape=”rounded” size=”large” align=”centre”]Download BSNL UDP Trick[/button]

Mirror Link

[button link=”” target=”_blank” color=”green” shape=”rounded” size=”large” align=”centre”]Download BSNL UDP Trick[/button]

Its a very simple trick to use,So use it directly with data pack by following instructions carefully given in that File.


bsnl udp free internet trick

This Trick is working in almost all South states including Tamil Nadu,Andhra Pradesh & May work in Jharkhand,Rajasthan.So please give it a try & let us know your experience while using this trick via comments.If you liked our work than do like us at our Official Facebook Page for regular updates.

Aircel UDP Free Internet Trick Working Many States,Confrimed UP East

Finally we are posting working trick for our UP East users specially, As from long time none of tricks are working on local UP East Network circle but our Airtel UDP Free Internet trick is 100% working in many states including UP east as i am personally using this trick for my daily internet uses at Zero balance at Full 3G Speed as this Is udp based Trick thus why you will not face speed capping problems and Unlike TCP protocol this trick is based On secret UDP ports which allow full high-speed data transfer & Unlimited bandwidth access.Well here are some features & other details of this awesome trick.

Features & Details of Aircel UDP Free Internet Trick

  • Based On Secret UDP Ports so no low-speed problems.
  • High-speed Downloading,YouTube Buffering,torrent leaching are possible with this trick.
  • Working in many states including UP east.
  • Small 3G pack is required to avoid speed capping issues.
  • Parallel downloading is supported with Access to secure shopping gateway.

How To Configure Airtel UDP Free Internet Trick

Download Instruction File From Here

[button link=”” target=”_blank” color=”green” shape=”rounded” size=”large” align=”centre”]Download Aircel UDP Free Internet Trick[/button]


[button link=”” target=”_blank” color=”green” shape=”rounded” size=”large” align=”centre”]Download Aircel UDP Free Internet Trick[/button]

This Trick is working In many states with Full 3G speed,So just download & Enjoy free internet On Aircel.

We are not posting much details of this trick here as to make this trick work long,So just download this Instruction File & Enjoy High-speed downloading.


aircel udp free interet  trick

This trick is working Fine in many state like UP east,south states & many more.So Just try this trick & Share you experience with us.If You Liked Our Work Than Do Like us At Our Official Facebook Page for Regular Updates.