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Its very common thing for all newbies to search for free hosting servers for their websites. A newbie would not like to invest money for their new website. Some times it may get down or it may success. So most of the newbies or other bloggers who likes to start a new website would search for free hosting. It’s very easy to get a free hosting site but all of them would suspend the site any time and also its not very secure as premium hosting. There are many issues with free hosting sites like speed, account limitation, security, uptime and more. How it would be if there is a free hosting site without the above issues ?? Yes there is, Googiehost free hosting for unlimited years with 20 GB Storage.

A Review From Ceo On Googie Host Mr Rajesh Chauhan

We provide 20 GB Space and 200 GB Bandwidth Unlimited FTP, Database, E-mails, Domains, etc.

2) May i know, why you are providing free hosting ?

There are many reasons like,Personally i faced many issues on other free hosting websites

There are no free hosting sties in india
To provide best free hosting site for all
3) Where did you bought the servers ?

HG = HostGator I have VPS with them and also have 3 different servers. If we get enough response from our clients we will definitely buy and maintain server in India.

4) How much it is secured? Have you done anything for security ??.

Yes we integrated with CloudFlare to hide our self from Dos attack and offer best service
We are secured enough.

5) How about Speed?

Speed is fare enough after integrating with CF you will get proper speed but to be frank you can not compare free servers with premium.

6) How about uptime?

99% in last 90 days

7) What if a sites exceeds 20 GB free Storage ?

One can upgrade to premium account. We provide many Premium plans in cheaper rates.

8) If a free hosted site gets more than 1 K visits per day, How will you manage this over load?

We allow 2K visitors per day after than your website will unavailable for few min or hours until our server get refreshed. We got 2 tickets regarding this but those website has really huge visitors or spammers. If anyone has these amount of visits why they use free hosting instead of VPS?

9) How many daily signup’s you are getting and total signup’s??

We are currently having 70-130 signups per day and currently there are 20 k + Clients in Googiehost.

10) Can you list out some websites which are signed up with Googiehost?

Yeah, sure

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  1. hello thanks sir . but can we get full support

    • Vishal Singh says

      Yes Mr Ashok You Can Get good Support From this Team And Also included Open 24 hours Support Ticket .

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    sir vodafone ki trick post karo na delhi ke liye plezzz pl

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