Three Kepard Premium VPN Accounts Giveaway for 90 Days December 2013

Now days everyone is tense for their security while surfing online as whenever you are online your computer is exposed to many risk likes viruses,hackers,government monitoring and there restrictions etc.But now you don’t need to take any more tension as Kepard Premium VPN service is providing easy and affordable protection [Continue reading]

Download Any Website to Your PC To Access It In Offline Mode With HTTrack

Today we have something great for those user’s/readers which usually live in small towns or villages and don’t have much access to internet.Well many a time we need some/huge information from any particular website and We frequently visit that website for our information.Taking an example of a learning guitarist,Suppose you need chords of many songs to learn and have to visit any [Continue reading]

Save Your Smartphone 3G Data pack with Some Cool Apps

In India,around 2.8 crore people are using 3G services on different telecom network & which is predicted to cross 9 crore in the year of 2015 and about 60% of 3G data users access internet from their smartphone for their daily needs like downloading a movie,Surfing internet online or to just download a e-book and much more but in india 3G services [Continue reading]

[Specification]Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with Android 4.3 In India at 47,990

Samsung is all set to launch one of the most awaited product of the year on 25th september worldwide.Yes,We are talking of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 which will be loaded with latest version of android 4.3 Jelly bean with predicted price of Rs.47,990 which will definitely going to give a huge competition to iPhone 5 in india.It will surely going to dominate [Continue reading]

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Get Full Bandwidth/Speed Of Publicly Shared Internet/WiFi Connection Portal With Netcut

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Two Ultimate Ways To Enjoy Android Apps On Our Windows PC

Today we are going to Discuss, Two ultimate ways to Run Android Apps On Computer with the help of BlueStacks & YouWave applications software but before discussing that,question arise, Why we need Android on our PC if we could enjoy that on our SmartPhone.But You may be Knowing that Android is so poplar, because for its cool & useful [Continue reading]

Update Your Huawei Mobile Partner Framework to Latest Version 23.0 Free of Cost

In India,About 60% to 70% users use’s 3G Data Card manufactured by Huawei for accessing Internet on their Computer,laptops and tablets.These data cards use’s in-built Mobile partner software program to connect to the Internet But as time goes,Huawei keeps launching new Wireless Data Card in the market with the advance version of Mobile partner install in it [Continue reading]