Hide My IP VPN Review 2015

Thousands of VPNs in the Race but some are without doubt the best. Hide My IP is one of the most reliable  VPN service available on internet today. Providing you the chance to surf anonymously,preventing you from numerous hacker out there trying to breach in your personal  identity and information,sending you spam and anonymous emails,encrypting your internet traffic making you slow on internet.Available for Windows,MAC and android, it is exceptionally easy to use and very user friendly.


Use it on your favorite internet browser and you will fall in love with it knowing all the power this mighty VPN is containing.

Why you need Hide My IP VPN

Using Hide My IP and hiding your IP is as simple as clicking the  Hide My IP button and then to revert to your normal settings you just have to click Hide MY IP.

  • Using Internet on public places including airports,malls,coffee shops makes you extremely vulnerable to attacks by hacker and data sniffer as the WiFi hotspot on these places is unsecure but Hide My IP VPN can protect you from these attackers and provide you a secure environment for your work.
  • Hide your IP ,thus hiding your identity and then reach all the content on the internet blocked by the your like Netflix or YouTube.Enjoy your private web browsing with no barriers on the way.
  • Hide My IP Provide Free Trial of Their Services unlike most vpn providers do not have a have free trail.
  • ByPass firewall and chose your VPN IP from thousands of IP addresses provided from all over the globe. Get a chance to choose from IP addresses from 71 different virtual locations like Las Vegas, Miami, London, Paris, Parktown, Hong Kong, Singapore and many more places simply covering almost all the continents.
  • With the Windows edition of Hide My IP, users can also define which programs they want to hide their IP with, (e.g. only web browsers).With other VPN providers, this option does not exist, it forces the user to hide their IP with all programs and the user can not choose.


Hide My IP is compatible with all kinds of routers,home networks or any other type of internet network.Just you have to get a license key for each computer in the network and there you go.

Dodge the Information EXtraction(IX)

Some ISPs keep a keen eye on the users activity on the internet and spy on their information. Protect your information and keep your browsing activities private by using this simple tool Hide My IP which uses its  advanced optimized server built for this purpose only.

Work with HTTPs and SSL

There are very few fake IPs  presents that can work with SSL but with Hide My IP you can find them without much efforts just by changing the IP address till you get that one fake IP from those few which will open the websites on SSL mode.

Price and Order

Pay a small amount of $29.95 and get the one time license to use this amazing VPN for your window or mac and $2.95 – $29.95 for android. Hide My IP offers a one-time fee for lifetime of service.  With other providers, you must pay each month or year, and you can not use their service again unless you pay again.

User support And Service

Get instant support and solution for all your queries with the 24×7 working customer support ready to reply to your chats, mails and phone calls.

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