Top 4 Trending features of Windows 10

Yes finally windows 10 comes to our Trending list of operating system bucket which was released on July 29th ,rumours and best tips,tricks,tweaks and hidden secrets too of windows 10 operating system scattered over the web in no time,If you are yet to upgrade to windows 10 then i recommend to download right  now,windows 8 rumoured with the awful problems integrated with it,but windows 10 overcomes these issues and we present you a best  4 features of windows 10 you might not know and folks these windows 10 upgrade is free for windows 7 and windows 8 users.

Top 4 Trending and Best Features of Windows 10


Edge Browser:

yes IE finally gone,and we know we hate Internet explorer and Microsoft too, windows 10 comes with Edge browser ,sleek,fast and lightning browsing done a good job in user experience of edge browser



If you have windows based mobiles/phone/smarphone like lumia then you must be aware of cortana virtual personal assistant and windows 10 operating system integrated cortana to experience and raise the level of Modern OS and this voice controlled personal assistant can do lot of things and similar to siri introduced by Apple


Continuum Mode or Tablet Mode:

Dont get confused by reading that continuum mode ,question is how to use continuum mode? and what it is ? its just a switching mode between Desktop windows 10 and Full tablet mode,so you are switching between two different interfaces i.e desktop and tablet,very useful for 2 in 1 devices like surface pro 3 which comes with the keyboard attached and works like tablet too,continuum mode works when the keyboard detached and windows 10 will show a pop up requesting for tablet mode and if we click on this mode ,entire UI will convert into Tablet UI,start menu will also expand the entire screen.


Start Menu :

I know we are frustrated when the tiny little start menu disappeared in windows 8 and forcing us to use the boring UI,and we absolutely hated but windows 10 provided a start menu which gives us a access to whole range of softwares and settings.

windows 10 start button shrunked down and integrated with start menu elements which brings us a whole new epxerience of windows OS.







How To Downoad and Install Windows 10 ISO:


If you are unable to upgrade and have windows vista then you can manually download windows ISO file to enjoy windows 10 on your favourite desktop read our below short guide to understand How to Upgrade to windows 10 or How to Download windows 10 ISO  Easily

  • First step is to download WINDOWS 10 ISO file from Microsoft windows website,download your favourite windows 10 Edition,pick a language and download 32 bit or 64bit  version
  • Make sure to have a blank DVD,once download finished burn it on to the DVD and boot up continue with the process of installation.
  • if you are sure that your system supports then proceed and complete the installation or else check if your pc can run windows 10 or not?




Remember windows 10 is free for windows 7 and windows 8 users and should not be a enterprise users ,its always worth a try with windows10 os,if you like our article then please share with your friends and like us on Official Tricksforall Fan page.



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