Earn Over $200 Us Dollars A Month by Just Typing Captcha With MegaTypers.com

Now,Every one want to earn some extra income from online sources for their daily need but they don’t want to invest on any project or to develop a website for earning online.So today we have come up with a very legit & secure way to earn online without investing a single penny and you could earn over 200$ per month by Just Typing CAPTCHA.Yes you have heard it right,Megatypers.com is the website which allow Us to Earn Online Income without any investment,by Just typing Captcha and more over they also support affiliate programs by which you could earn by referring friends to this website.So Just get ready to earn some real bucks For your need.

Make Money online with Megatypers.com

What is Megatypers.com

Basically Megatyers.com is a workforce management company that provides data entry services to private and governmental institutions and for this task,They need lots of good typer’s from all around the world who could type around 10 words in a minute.

So,If you are looking for an extra work for your daily income increment than do work with this website as it a real company which pays you money on time and they support many payment gateway like paypal,direct deposit and Western Union etc.

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Are You Looking For an Online Job ?

MegaTypers.com is fantastic for:

  • Mothers that stay at home.
  • Parents that need a second job.
  • Students.
  • People in between jobs.

Skills Required:One permanent Internet Connection,English Typing Skills,little Patience and Spirit to not give up.

How to Get Start With Megatypers.com

First Get Register with MegaTypers from Here.

While Filling In details,We Recommend you to sign up with your paypal email id.

But Wait,You couldn’t get your account without Having Invitation codes,Just pick any of them from below

  1. 7L1J
  2. 7L1K
  3. 7L1L
  4. 7L1M
  5. 7L1N
  6. 7L1O

Now after Sign Up process,You could start working according your need and do read there User’s guide carefully.Well Payment instruction are given below.

Megatypers Affiliate Programs For Greeks

Well If you don’t want to work on computer but know many people how are seeking for good online Jobs than You are on the right track,As you know that without invite codes no one can make account on Megatypers,You could provide them your own Invite codes and could earn 10% commission of the people that you invite to work in MegaTypers.

For better Information,We suggest you to read Megatypers Affiliate Program Guide.

Payment Gateway details

Well they support many payment gateway and according to your need you could choose one,In this Post we will be discussing on Paypal payment gateway support as it is very easy to receive payment form it and very secure too.

According to Megatypers Official Website,

  • Your Estimated Balance is updated daily at 1:00am server time.
  • The payments are processed once a week, on Mondays at 5:00pm server time.
  • In order to get paid, your Estimated Balance needs to reach a minimum amount of $3.00 USD before Monday.
  • If your Estimated Balance did not meet the previous conditions, the amount you have gained will stay on your account until the minimum balance is reached and the payment will be made next Monday.
  • Once your payment process has started, a message with information regarding the process will be displayed .After your payment is completed, your Estimated Balance will reset to zero ($0.00 USD).

Author’s word,I have Used this website In my hard time and I really praise this website for supporting me In my harsh days.

We hope that as our author got benefited from this site,one of you will be get benefited and Work hard to get your all dreams fulfil but beaware of third-party software’s from which google is now Flooded.In future,We will keep updating our site with new and inovative ways to earn online,We request to like our official Facebook page for latest updated and tips from us.

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