Update Your WhatsApp To ver 2.12.197 Now

Yes as the post title suggests update your old whatsapp to Whatsapp latest version 2.12.197,but why? whatsapp latest update brought some of the best and cool features like Mark as unread,use custom notifications,Low data consumption during Whatsapp call ,whatsapp getting better and improved updates after success of whatsapp free calls,whatsapp web,you can not download this latest version of whatsapp from google play store,but we can download the latest version of whatsapp from whatsapp.com official website,Lets have a look on the updates which comes under the banner of latest update 2.12.197.


Features of Latest whatsapp version 2.12.197

  • Mark as Unread:This must be the most discussed feature of whatsapp few months back ,but finally whatsapp managed to keep this feature in the latest update,How to use this feature?we just have to hold the message which we wish to do “Mark as Unread”,by marking a conversation as unread we can mark messages that we read as unread,but this feature is not like Anti-blue ticks,example if we received message from our friend but if you are in a situation that accidentally opened that message and not able to reply or want to ignore for the time being,then this Mark as Unread can help you,Tapping this option adds green dot to the message which can be a reminder to deal later.
  • Custom Notifications:This latest update feature bring you custom notification for particular contact or groups,what’s the purpose of this custom notifications?,by using this feature we can enable custom options for tones,adjust length of vibration according to your need,mute the conversation of particular chat,so the next time when you receive a message from your friend and the custom notification like tone enabled for that then you can guess who is pinging you easily.
  • Low data consumption during Whatsapp call feature: yeah we know whatsapp calling is free and to my guess its fun but somehow its not upto the mark of expectations because of lag we get during call,but this time whatsapp update overcome this drawback by enabling low data use during whatsapp call,even if you have low data connection or in a area where there is limited connectivity,we can still make a good voip call with whatsapp calling.In section called chats and new option called call settings which offers this low data consumption during call.

How To Download/Get Whatsapp latest version 2.12.197

  • whatsapp new version apk is not yet available in google play store,but can be updated to 2.12.197 by downloading from whatsapp official website.
  • First thing to do before updating,check your whatsapp version by navigating to settings>Help>about,mostly 2.12.176 is running and can  be updated to 2.12.197 apk by manually downloading from whatsapp official website and installing it into your android smartphone,this update is currently available for android users and windows,blackberry,iphone users should wait till update rolls out to them,According to Android Police report,whatsapp included backups to google drive.

you can download version 2.12.197 apk directly from below:

Direct Link:

Download Whatsapp Apk Direct


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