Save Your Smartphone 3G Data pack with Some Cool Apps

In India,around 2.8 crore people are using 3G services on different telecom network & which is predicted to cross 9 crore in the year of 2015 and about 60% of 3G data users access internet from their smartphone for their daily needs like downloading a movie,Surfing internet online or to just download a e-book and much more but in india 3G services are still very expensive and data pack also finishes very soon.So in this post we will tell you how you could save your 3G data by using some cool apps like Pocket or Evernote which enables you to not only download your favourite content but also you can save them for future use.

Save your smartphone 3G data pack

Save Your Smartphone 3G Data Pack

Well these apps are basically for android but many of them also work with iOS,Windows and blackberry operating system.Here is the short-list of useful Data saving apps which could be really useful minimising our data usages bills.



Pocket app allows you to download any content from the internet and you could save them on your smartphone,later on you could access them in offline mode whether it’s a video,music or anything it will be in your pocket.

It will also ensure that download will be start only when you are connected to any WiFi network with the help of proper settings .You could enable this option in your smartphone for saving your 3G Pack.

Price: Free

OS supported:Android & iOS



Evernote is a very handy app to have in your smartphone as it help your to save any web page,pictures,article or content related to graphic to its evernote account.Means you could take screenshot of your content,save it to evernote account and then can access in offline mode.

Well Evernote is available for free but for premium services you could apply for it and also you don’t required 3g services to use it.

Price:Evernote Web clipper is free and Evernote premium for Rs.270/month.

Os Supported:Android,iOS,blackberry,Windows and PC



Readabiliy apps is a very simple apps to use,anyone can save any webpage or article on their smartphone or tablet by just clicking on the icon.

It also allows you to tag,bookmark or set as favourite any of the content you like and also Readability app team would suggest you to view most popular web pages at free of cost.

Price: Free

OS Supported: Android,iOS and PC

The Early Edition 2

the early edition 2

 Well this app is only available on iOS platform but it is very helpful for those who are habitual of hardcore reading.It allow you to download any matter from the website which you follow and could instantly download whenever they being updated with new content on the Web.

Well its no matter whether you offline or online,It allows you to read that content any time without using your 3G data pack.It will give you an experience of just reading pages like you turn pages of magazines.

Price: Rs.270/

OS Supported: iOS



Instapaper is very different from other reading apps,Means while saving any content on your smartphone it will differentiate between any ads,extra links and images which ultimately reduces the data use of your 3G pack.

It will also customize article according to fonts,space between to paragraph,gaps between two lines and much more which make it comfortable to read and use for further works.

Price: Rs.160 to Rs.200/

OS supported:Android & iOS

Well these apps are really useful for everyone who use their smartphone for accessing internet in india.You could give them a try according to your need and don’t forget to share your views with us.

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