A new twist to answering the hunger call- Order Food Using TinyOwl App

TinyOwl Technology Pvt. Ltd. is the latest to launch a great food ordering app and food delivery app. This initiative was launched a year back from now and is owned by Harshvardhan Mandad. This amazing food delivery app has been developed to satiate hungry stomachs and those seeking authentic and great food at the comfort of delivery to their doorstep. TinyOwl food app ad has now made food ordering for people in few of the metropolitan cities of India namely- Gurgaon, Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Pune a simple and smooth task.


The TinyOwl app was started a year back and was launched on November 1, 2014 officially. Presently, it is expanding quite rapidly and is seeing a strong growth phase. Started as a small team, TinyOwl Technology at present employs around 400 people, who work at the food app for its constant improvement and development. The app team is in plans to reach out its delivery network in different cities of the country with its current growth plans. TinyOwl food ordering app is giving a tough competition to other food apps and growing immensely popular with its recent trending on social media as well. The app has managed about 5 lakh app downloads in less than a year. Food ordering has seen an altogether different dimension since the introduction of this food delivery app. Each day a good number of orders are received through TinyOwl app.

Today, the app is a huge success owing to its unique thought and features, some of which are listed below.

Minimal Design & Interface

Thinking of a food ordering app, one would assume and wish for a simple interface that can be used to order the food. This is where this food delivery app wins hearts. With an absolutely transparent and smooth interface and ad-free design, food ordering was never so easy and fun. One can conveniently search the app for their desired food and order in a hassle free manner. This app is sure to be a delight for food fanatics. Hence if you happen to be a food lover, you should install TinyOwl’s food app on your Android smart phone to change your food ordering experience a trendy and convenient twist.

Location Detector and Flexible Payment Options

The app makes use of a simple interface that will detect your present location once you log in to an account on the app. Based on that, the app will host a variety of options of the food joints in your vicinity. One you have a list of the available options, you can place your desired order with the app and your food will be delivered to your doorstep in no time. You can even enjoy the benefit of placing orders online at multiple joints. What is more is the benefit of making the payment for the food at your choice. Among the many options are credit cards, debit cards, net banking, PayTM wallet and cash on delivery. So choose whichever method suits your and enjoy your favorite food.

Customer Support

The services provided by the TinyOwl app are amazing and unique. Apart from the convenience of food ordering, the customer support from the app is unparalleled no matter which city you happen to be in. You can get timely and regular updates about the status of your order.


Final Say

The services and benefits offered by the app speak for themselves. Your food ordering experience can never go wrong with the use of this app. Install it on your smart phones today and get the best out of the app.

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