Complete FileIce Review with 100% Working Approving & Earning Guide

If you are visitor of our site than you know that we use Fileice Surveys to protect our tricks from copying/blocking and also to generate some revenue for us.Today we are going to help you in getting approved with fileice easily and teach you how could earn some penny for your pocket by just uploading your files on Fileice surveys and distributing it on various social platform which will going to increase your earnings ultimately.Well we are posting this Guide on the huge request of our visitors and Friends as they also want to earn like Us.


FileIce PPD Service Review

Well before starting anything, You should Know What is Fileice PPD service FileIce is the best PPD service in the world with an average of 1$ per download you can earn a lot and if you are from US,UK or any other western country than its become very easy to earn 10$-20$ per day depending on the number of surveys completed by your users.But for indian Traffic blog,It’s little difficult to earn so much but with proper planing & guidance of our’s will definitely going to earn you more than 10$ per day. In Short,If You have anything Appealing may be any network tricks,games cracks,auto-likers,bypasser,premium accounts etc than Just put it on Fileice survey,Post that survey link on various social groups,blogs etc & when any one completes that survey he will get that file and You will get paid accordingly by fileice.

How To Get Approve with FileIce Easily

Here is all about,Earning with FileIce is like playing your favourite game on easy mode but when its Comes to get Approved by Fileice than it’s become Nightmare for many but Don’t worry We will Help You To Get approved with Fileice. First of All we will Frankly Suggest You to Apply with Our Premium Registration Link

Apply For FileIce Earning Publisher Account From Here

Note: By applying Through our referral link it will become more easy to get approved with FileIce as we are premium member and we are referring you To them.

 Well There are Two Ways to Apply For FileIce Earning Publisher Account

  1. You are Applying with Your Website or Blog.
  2. You want To apply without any Blog or Website

So Just apply accordingly,Submit basic information,Verify Your Email Address and Here’s Approving Guide Start Well If you have any website or Blog than Just verify it by using Fileice Site Verification Method,These are generally by uploading any file on your blog or by pasting their verification code on your header(wp-head) part of your website. Here one thing is important,That you should go with Website/blog Option because Fileice prefer’s to make members which own’s any blog or website but if You don’t own any blog than Just goto,Sign in with Your google account and make any blog related to technology,android,Tricks etc.Choose beautiful & attractive templates,make good Menus related to tricks,Android,tutorial etc & Now you have a blog through which you can apply for Fileice Publisher account. Important thing When you start writing why you want to Join Fileice or about Yourself than Do Mention These Points in Our own Language and Try to Be genuine with Them.

  • Just mention that you want to Join Fileice because they are best PPD service in world.
  • You earn 100$ to 125$ per month try to show them that you have potential to represent them.
  • You have Good social following on Facebook,Twitter etc,You own 2-3 Facebook Pages with Lots of active users and Likes.
  • You have huge list of active subscriber to You blog etc and etc.

This section depends on You,who you can convince Fileice mods to approve you application,Try to be genuine,Trustworthy with our words and Yes the way you representing them matter a Lot and We are sure that if you  follow all These Points very carefully you will get approved but If you don’t get approve again try with new email id,Following these points and try add something different from you side in your post. I Was approved by FileIce in 2nd time by applying with my Friend’s referral Link,So try your Luck and always back yourself even in hard time. Note: In case,If You are applying without any website/blog option Do mention these points broadly and try to write more than 150-200 words.

How To Earn 10$-20$ per day with FileIce

Well Earning with FileIce is very simple but you have to set one thing in your mind that You will Earn only if someone complete survey’s of your given Link. So if You have anything Appealing with You than Just put It on fileice survey’s,get the link and Distribute it on a large-scale,I mean get Social.Post that Links on Various Facebook Page’s,On your Facebook timeline and more over Make a blog and Start Posting There. But Still You can’t earn Much because You need lots of people’s to Complete Your surveys and Now Here’s come YouTube,the biggest Video sharing Platform,So make a Professional video of your every file’s,Suppose you have a crack of any game and many people want it ,SO make a Video of that game,what is your crack all about and upload it on YouTube,Daily motion and video sharing Platform,Same Goes with Network Tricks Also. Now all Set,Just sit back at your home and wait Soon you will be one of the top Earning Member of FileIce.

FileIce Payouts Details

FileIce Pays You every month when You Cross 50$ payout threshold via Paypal or Direct bank deposits. If you don’t know how to get your Indian Paypal account verified than Just Visit Here. We Hope That You all will appreciate our effort to make everyone earn with FileIce and also there is no shortcut to success so better sitting at home its better to earn online with fileice.Stay tuned with us for more Online earning method & Don’t Forget to like us On our Official Facebook Page for regular updates.

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