How To Access Blocked Websites-Different Ways

well,we may come into a situation to bypass restriction of blocked sites introduced in Schools,colleges,offices,public places etc,This post may be useful to access blocked sites in different ways online,yes there are many ways to open blocked websites and as we know government banned or blocked few bad websites ,and even offices smart enough to block social networking sites like facebook,twitter,youtube etc,

but we will guide you in to open blocked sites  without violating any rules or cyber laws, we know many people might be aware of the ways which are available below, but we are sure there are many people still doesn’t know these ways,use these tips in a good way.


How To Open Blocked sites/Websites Through Online

get a clear idea on how to access  blocked sites by reading below our guide

  1. By Using Browser Extension Trick-ZenMate & Hola privacy and unblock vpn

This is the best and easy way to open blocked sites if you are google chrome user and have access to google chrome Webstore where the collection of chrome extensions available,there is an extension called zenmate which is also called auto proxify extension which is absolutely comes with free of cost tag,all you have to do is visit zenmate official website and install the extension and then open a free account with zenMate which enables us to browse anonymously with zenMate proxy servers.

This zenMate is available for chrome,firefox,opera.

Hola Free VPN browser extension:

  • Apart from zenMate we have another browser extension which can unblock websites called HOLA which is a free VPN service and supports media streaming channels.
  • Download Hola and unblock website which are blocked in your area

2.By Using PROXY Tricks& PROXY Servers/Websites:

  • well this must be the easy way to access blocked sites with the help of proxy sites/servers,well if you are not aware of the what is proxy and how to use it,then jump to proxy introduction guide,Thousands of free proxies are available which almost unblock any website blocked by your internet service you know hidemyass and kproxy are the most popular proxy service websites.all we have to do is copy the URL like, whatever site blocked in your area or region and paste it in the hidemyass proxy website and there you go,hidemyass and kproxy do the rest.

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3.Free VPN Trick to Access Blocked site:

VPN’s are the most secured way of accessing blocked sites which ensures anonymity on the web and access to blocked sites,vpn-virtual private network are available in many types which helps us in accessing free internet to name Torguard,open vpn,vpn tunnel,ssl vpn,ipsec vpn,mpls vpn,private internet access,some of them are free and we can use NMD vpn,Tunnel guru etc.

If you want a Quick Guide to Understand about VPN’s then i recommend to read our popular guide:NMD vpn: Best way to Access Free Internet


4.Changing the DNS SERVER:

To my guess,quick question comes in your mind i.e What is DNS SERVER?Dns server contains all the information of websites,suppose if any country wants to block website then they must alter their DNS server to do that,ultimately we can not access the website blocked by DNS,but what if we change our DNS to other?,yes we can access blocked website by changing DNS server.Free DNS server are available like Google DNS and open dns which grants the accessing of blocked websites easily.

For windows vista and 7:

click start>control panel>Network and internet>Network and sharing center.

  • click on change adapter settings,which appears on the left side
  • select the connection which you are using it might be Airtel,MTNL etc and right click on that and click on properties.
  • select INTERNET PROTOCOL 4-TCP/IP and click on properties.
  • now we can see the option called use the following DNS server, select that and enter below details
  • Google DNS:      Preferred DNS as and alternate DNS as
  • OPEN DNS:       preferred DNS as and alternate DNS as
  • Just enter the DNS Server details as given above and click ok.

Windows Xp :

  • open control panel and click on network connections
  • select your internet connection and right click to select properties
  • Follow the above steps of windows vista and 7 to do the rest.

Android USERS:

yes android users can change their DNS servers easily

  • click on settings>wi-fi
  • Long press on the WiFi network which you have connected which popups the option of Modify-Network click on that
  • Now we can see the option called show advanced options,make sure to tap on that
  • Scroll down and select DHCP option>static IP>Modify DNS1 and DNS 2
  • Google DNS:      Preferred DNS as and alternate DNS as
  • OPEN DNS:       preferred DNS as and alternate DNS as
  • You may use any one of above and save it to access blocked sites.


5.Additional proxy layer:

Last but as powerful as above,which you may use it as an alternate option to access blocked sites,well you must be aware of this if you are Airtel Free Unlimited proxy Internet users,but there must be some people still who doesnt know the process of using proxies or configuring proxies in their browsers.

  • Additional proxy layer or  anonymous proxy allows accessing of geo restricting websites but make sure to select high speed working proxies from hidemyass,which contains proxy and port.

How To Use PROXY In Browsers:

Google chrome:

  • Open google chrome and click on show advanced settings
  • In settings Menu we can see an option called change proxy settings,click on that
  • Another option called LAN settings is visible just tap on that
  • Next popup window check on use proxy server for your LAN or if you are connected with Modem then make sure to select modem and click on change proxy settings
  • Enter the desired proxy selected From Hidemyass Proxy list and save everything
  • That’s it

For Free internet users You may use proxies to access Free internet just do the settings as above and grab the working Homepages available,just enter the Free Homepages of your network like Airtel then the proxy which you are using,will display a web page to access blocked sites obviously free internet too.

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so,these are the various ways to access/unblock/open  blocked sites,hope this article may be useful for many ,Dont forget to like us on Facebook Tricksforall Fan Page to get the trending articles.

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